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The stripering is hot to scalding -- if you're an early riser. .Beach zones just north of mid-Island are of of the best locales to hit early a.m. using metals or needlefish. The success rate for the prime a.m. times is high for all casters.  There are also some beachfront zones in other areas ripe for the bass picking.

Fish are running to keeper size. Some hot hookers are tallying double figure takes.However, the cooling of the a.m. prime time seems to send the bass to the bottom. Plugging success plunges and seldom restarts -- even during the traditional late-day window of fall bassing opportunity. That's not to say fishing dies. Chunkers have been sticking with bunker and finding a steady take of better bass, some to 35 inches, per a first-hand report I got. That action was mid-Island and ran all day.  Some southenders have also had batter bass on bunker, clams and even bloodworms. 

As for that a.m. bite, I got this email: "Jay, I had a great day plugging for bass. When I lost my favorite plug because of a bad knot I switched to a Hopkins I have had in the box for probably 20 years. I didn't expect much. I was wrong. I took three fish and had other hits. I also got a fat 30 incher I kept for the little lady. I guess there's a reason some of those old standbys never get old. I did notice when the bucktail came off I quit getting hits but so did all the guys around me. S.G."

(Nice work, Seth. And I'm the first to admit that I can't remember when I last used a Hopkins. It was most likely years back when everyone was using them to foul-hook bunker -- in the first known cases of snag-and-drop, which I believe began on LBI. .

Another email: "I had some fun fishing in the early dawn but the crowds have been crazy. You keep talking about the way la nina has brought in a milder fall but it also brings in the masses. My wife was looking at the beach from our picture window and she asked if there was a contest going on. I saw the email from the man complaining about a messy fisherman on the beach.  I have to say that most guys are very clean but lately when we take our walks my wife and I have been picking up a lot of paper coffee cups. I wonder if some of those might be blowing out of the back of trucks as they drive along. ... A.V." 

(I hate to say it but I sure don't see the crowds backing off real soon  -- except maybe midweek -- with the holiday vacations coming up. I get loads of emails from college student anglers wondering what they might hit during break. Hey, it's all good this time of year. What's more, I really think there are good stripering sites being untouched by casters. Packed conditions often get frustrated folks exploring -- and finding fine fishing away from the maddening crowds. I think Nebraska south (and even a tad north of that jetty) will turn on very soon -- if not already.)


Please send me emails about late-season angling -- and any odd and unusual sightings. Thanks. jmann99@hotmail.com 

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