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Weds. Nov. 11 09 --- Wind kicking up bass potential

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009: Waves: Building north swell.

This blow might incite some larger bass after a couple days of scattered stripers and even more scattered blues. There have been a couple more 30 pounders in what is truly the largest bass seen in the entire history of the event, when averaging out the weights. It is a bit strange that it’s been so hard to break the 40-pound mark – much less the 50, as I note in my weekly blog that I’ll post later -- but contains a lot of stuff you’ve already read in here. (I frequently get stuff to my blog people first. My weekly column also caters to the more casual outdoor reader – including folks who don’t fish but just like to read about this-and-that.)

The Tom Fote letter has garnered fairly bitter reaction. And it should. Same lousy fluke regs – and maybe even worse. Weakfish down to one a day. Seabass bag likely down to squat. Understand that those aren’t just “suggestions” but way up there on the likelihood scale.

They are beginning work on Harvey Cedars. I am not fully sure of how they’ll restrict the beach areas not being worked but in Surf City they pretty much shut down large chunks at a pop, though there wasn’t a complete border to border closure. Of course, the buggy thing could get tricky.

A quick note on the Classic. If you catch two weighable bass after shops have closed, say on a Monday, and weigh them in the next morning, Tuesday, you can weigh in no more bass for that weigh-in day, even though you caught the two fish the previous day. Yes, the state says you can catch two more fish that day but not the event, so to speak.

Email (angry man dinner): Fishing, hunting, whatever you may enjoy outdoors will soon be gone
Rash? I don't think so. It seems that "they" are really putting
pressure on all the government alphabet organizations and the
employees of those alphabet soup groups are doing their best(see also
worst) to protect and expand their jobs.
I love the number of fish we were over in the survey. Any time you see
a number from someone other than an accountant that is 191,096, trust
that someone grabbed it out of a lower body cavity and it has nothing
to do with reality. As always, I question the validity of not only
their number but also the method used to derive it. I think that they
should allow some of us to accompany them when they are counting the
catch. Do they stand on the dock and count the fish coming off a
headboat and then count the number of boats in the water and multiply?
Do the just judge the catch by the amount of bait sold? By the number
of boats registered? Just how do they come up with these numbers?
By the way, in sales I always use crazy numbers(real ones nonetheless)
like 42.7% not 40% or 45% because whether they are real or not, people
are more willing to believe the strange number.

SOMEONE has to stand up and challenge their numbers. Every year they
take away more fish for us to catch.

Why would anyone want to go out for flounder under the new rules?
Rent a boat, or gas up your own and the fish will cost a small fortune
per pound. Additionally, it ain't much fun when you can only keep so
few if any.

One weakie? sure, lets see how many people are going to get busted
over that limit, kinda like the 25mph speed limit on Mill Creek Road,
a sure problem maker.

Yet, there is no attempt to overcome the rape of the crab population
by the commercial gluttons with their hundreds of traps.

How long will it be before "they" declare the waters adjacent to LBI
to be one of those newfangled no catch zones? So much for the

Pretty soon "they" will outlaw most forms of bottom paint to save the
barnacles or whatever else is being affected. We will all be joining
you in kayaks.

Don't fix Holgate, that will save a lot more fish, it also denies
access to a part of the history and raw beauty of nature from all of
us including our children and grandchildren. What is the purpose of
Holgate if you deny access from Memorial day to Labor day? Don't you
think that a nice educational trail for ALL shore visitors would
increase their knowledge of what is being protected and why it is
worthwhile? Quite a coincidence that those dates are when the piping
plovers are in town.

They are costing many people their jobs. You would hope that someone
would take notice of that.

SOMEONE has to let them know that we do care about the regs, that we
do care about the job "they" were supposed to be doing and that we do
have the power of the vote to get rid of those who appointed them.
We need to support candidates who are willing to stand up for us and
give us their agenda for improving our lot.
Its not enough to stand up at your local fishing club and bitch about
the regs, everyone has to make noise with their senators, mayors,
councilmen, anyone in New Jersey who needs a vote. Its the only way we
are going to get anywhere.
Sorry for rambling, its late.

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Comment by Geno on November 12, 2009 at 12:53am
Well said, and depressingly true... Until we are "organized", like for instance the NRDC (see the TAKE ACTION link on their website) we will get no traction... http://www.nrdc.org/action/default.asp


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