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Wednesday, October 24, 2012: Off the striper snide; blues galore; be aware of the skies; a shell tree grows in Holgate


Above: I netted this living example of just how many snapper blues (up to a foot long) are out and about and downing rainfish. There are about 35 in this one throw.  All were released.  I sorta sacrificed my cast net -- which bluefish bite to hell and back -- since the mulleting season is winding down – though mullet are inexplicably still around, way later than they should be.  Global warming leading to global swarming?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012: First, I should note I’m off the striper snide – barely. Just as the sun went down – and northeast winds honked on -- I drove onto Holgate to work that first cut. Any further down, the beach would have been washed over. Finding nicely roiled waters, I parted ways with a favorite blue/chrome “broke back” Red Fin surface swimmer that had been steadily interesting blues. I reluctantly used leader, dropped a loop to hold a bright neon green teaser/tailhook (Spro brand) and tied on a brand new mirrored Red Fin. I have to admit I felt there might be some striped ones out and about in the shoreline churn.  About 10 casts and the plug got clobbered in the shorebreak. The hook-up put up a damn decent  fight for a mere 30-inch, 12-poundish bass.

Yep, those numbers are correct. This bass was a Jenny Craig striper. Talk about a dieter. How in the hell can a bass be that thin with all the forage around? Also, its stripes were wildly broken. Again, to its credit, it fought like champ, helped along by a strong north to south current and warmer water, allowing the fish to loose its escape juices  The photo below sucks but it was the best I could get in what was close to darkness.

I think there were more bass in that area, thanks to the stir, but I had stuff awaiting -- as in work-stuff.  

There will be bass aplenty by tomorrow ...

Now to the talk of the town: potential bad-ass tropical weather ahead. I sure see why the Weather Service is getting nervous over the way hurricane-ish things might play out. However, I think the percentages are still favoring cyclone Sandy swinging seaward without going gonzo on us.  Of course, I wouldn't take my eyes off The Weather Channel until all dangers have passed – or are about to befall us. I’ll likely stay here again—unless things turn perfectly awful. Once again, the weather people are so excited they're giddy. People could lose everything they own -- including their lives -- and forecasters are all but orgasmic.  

Holgate Rip had a serious showing of bluefish this a.m. The rainfish were pretty much absent, therefore the herring weren't hogging up all the action. 

Driving alert: As anyone heading to Holgate knows all too well, a lengthy piece of drainage upgrading construction is being done on the Boulevard in south Beach Haven, forcing virtually all southbound traffic to detour down to West Avenue. Be fully advised that West Ave. is strictly 25 mph. Nothing changes with the detour in place. This very family-heavy road remains 25 mph – and speeds are being monitored. Be warned – and wise.


Below: Some patriotic surfcasters today ...

Back to the beach, the first gannets are showing. This sometimes means bass are in the house. However, the ocean water rose to a bizarre 65 degrees.

Below: I still haven't figured why this dead bush has become a shell repository. It is sorta artsy though. 



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Comment by jaymann on October 27, 2012 at 8:35am

People began shelling that dead tree at least a month ago. As quickly as shells blow off, new ones are emplaced, some with cryptic messages. I missed the best photo there last week, sunrise, as not one but two falcons had lit upon the shell tree, looking like sentinels. Thanks for showing interest in my more random photos.


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