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Wednesday, October 08, 2014: Quite a crankin’ cold front passage last night. Behind it came some tilted west winds.

(Above: Entire pool was emptied for this prank, thus the less-than-amused look on the owner's face.)

Wednesday, October 08, 2014: Quite a crankin’ cold front passage last night. Behind it came some tilted west winds. They were punching in from the SW all day, which is not a good thing. The south wind tilt can muck up the water – and sure enough, it did. By the by, a direct west wind can hold clean water in place, since there is no side-ass sweep to it.

The ocean hue along the beach is an odd tan color. It’s turbid to boot.  Long and short, the surfline water tint is not a boon to plugging. Artificials are very much line-of-sight fish attractants -- no sight no action.

Poppers can always add some splash to the water’s energy flow. Energy flow is a huge factor in plugging and why many plugs try to add an actual buzz/vibration to their presence. However, over all, it’s a popper’s loud splash that activates fish interest, much the way it activates our ears when we hear a splash nearby.

Mucked up water makes it tough for a fish to track down a splashing or buzz/vibration  sound. It also makes them understandably wary. Fish, like any seeing animal, likes knowing what’s up ahead. It can get instantly fatal not knowing what’s lurking in the murkiness.

In case you hadn’t guessed, all this is my way of saying I plugged to no frickin’ avail today. I went with color, splash, buzz, vibration and my famed fish call – sounding a lot like a heavy metal “growl” – and the best I did was fooling diving black skimmers.

LOW TIDE TIMES: Tides got low out there today; down-and-dirty as it was. They’re going to be even lower tomorrow.

As predicted, it’s offering a great chance to really get a read on where the best cuts, slews, holes and channels are for the upcoming meat-throwing part of the season.

Admittedly, the this fall’s reads will be of little or no value in 2015, when the beach fix will deeply alter the beachline and sandbar set-up of LBI.

That’s not to say the surf fishing will fail, or even falter.

Showing my age, as a fishing tike -- riding my dad’s back across the beach (just proving how young I was) -- I fished LBI before there were jetties, which came about after the March Storm of ’62. The angling was excellent. Sure, you can properly point out that the stocks were better then and that any fish catching seems miraculous to a kid.

Ironically,  it was the surf part of surf casting that would absolutely redirect my NJ life, leading me to waveriding – and allowing me to gladly hand a huge chunk of my life over to surfing Hawaii – and the world. Fortunately, I never forgot my fishing roots – and my dad’s surf casting savvy. I returned to serious surf fishing in my early 30s, though I dropped the fishing ball by never seriously angling in some of the world’s most exotic locales I explored while surfing.    

Anyway, I still say the fishing will be fine, post-replenishment -- though it will take some time and storms to reestablish a the new beach topography. And it will include jetties, but not to the extreme we have them now. Surf City, twice replenished, is proof that the rocks will come back into view – and in fairly short order on some highly erosion-inclined beaches. They just won’t dominate the beach-scape.  

I got in some clamming today, nabbing a hundred or so. I was sorta stunned by this year’s periwinkle explosion. Believe me, it’s something out of the ordinary. I kid you not. Those little blackish snails must have either run out of enemies or simply tapped into some natural Viagra.

Who cares about mud snails, right? Wrong. Many a mudflats clammer uses so-called keyhole (shows) techniques to conserve energy by homing in on just the clams' air holes – we used to call them squirt holes. In smooth sand, they're real easy to see -- and sometimes have some drip marks nearby to boot. When every square inch of surface area is clouded over with snails, there’s not a prayer of keyholing, meaning the only option is the back-aching rake and rake some more method.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014: Quite a crankin’ cold front passage last night. Behind it came some tilted west winds.

I can’t talk about Holgate clams without noting they’re the best clams money can’t buy.  They are incredible. Speaking of which …

(You worry about your dog chasing cars ???)


Holgate: Beaches are excellent for driving -- legally, mind you. It says 15 mph at the entrance, though I thought that LBT had OK'ed 20 mph. Whichever, it's a slow go so go slow.

Below: Hey, at least they're not Baja-ing.  


FB question (tongue in cheek): How does one tell the difference between male and female bunker? (See yesterday's blog)

(From the outside, you can't tell the sex of a bunker. It's not like they dress differently -- even if they did, you'd always have some San Francisco bunker mixed in, so to speak. To determine bunker sex, you have to cut one open and look for the yellow/orange ovaries. That is exactly why I drive bunker-lender Mark nuts . "Thanks so much for the bunker loan, Mark ... Oh, wait, hold on. Check it out. You kinda gave me all male bunker. You think maybe I can give you these back and maybe cut all your bunker open and look for females? You da man, brother.” The pollock below show the look ... 



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