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Wednesday, May 11, 2016: It’s a mighty fine fishin’ day out there.

(Also ... Check back later ...)

Spring colds can be the worst ... 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016: It’s a mighty fine fishin’ day out there. Sorry, if your predisposed with life obligations and can’t make the beach, inlet or ocean. Maybe next ideal day will work your way.

The wind is light and variable, with an easterly tilt as the day goes on. It has blown in clean and milder water, nearing 60. Outside of touches of fog, conditions should stay quite good for anlging. 

The sun has shown now and again but low-sun isn’t the worst thing. At the same time, the mainland is toying with downright warmness, low 70s and growing when I was over there. I couldn’t resist a couple largemouth bass tosses -- and I wasn’t disappointed. One of the more famed enar-72 lakes offered two fatso females; not huge but frisky. I was using a good old Mepp’s “Aglia” spinner – and I mean literally “old.” I got dozens of vintage spinners in an auction lot, many are still in original packaging. I used a silver one with drawn-out blades and black “hair” on the treble. 

Got back to the Island to do a short work stint … Wednesday is a somewhat easy day at The SandPaper building since we put the paper out on Tuesday night.

I did get a little energy drain as I drove by the EJ School to see emergency vehicles and someone being medevacked to AC. As gorgeous as it is out there, this was one of the worst days of that person’s life. There but for the grace of God ...

I'm getting asked for updates on the dredging of Little Egg Inlet. I've been checking daily -- both on line and via emails -- and there is no news on LEI sand for Holgate. Yes, the decision has to be made very soon -- to allow time for Great Lakes to call up the hopper dredger Illinois, though it's only down in Egg Harbor. I believe the final go-ahead comes from the NJDEP, once the feds have OK'ed it.  

One emailer did ask the tougher question: "If they don't use the sand from the inlet for replenishment, does that mean the inlet won't be getting dredged?" 

I'd like to think those are two different scenarios -- offering two chances of getting the inlet deepened. However, the emphasis sure seems to have gone over to solely the combo dredge/replen angle. I'll be pragmatic to the point of saying a no-go on using inlet sand for Holgate will be a double-downer for mariners. 

2 striped bass weighed in at the shop this morning. Wifi is down so pics will come later. 17 pounds & 9 pounds. Both on bunker.  ...


It's fun-with-dandelions time again ... pyro-style 


John Bushell Jr. to Betty and Nicks Bait and Tackle Fishing Club
5/11/16 UPDATED 1:54 PM As I was posting the 26 pound bass, J. Christopher brought in a 19 pound bass and 4 18 pound bluefish. All from IBSP on bunker. I guess the big ones are starting to move up here from the Delaware.

UPDATED 1:40 PM Reports of some small bass today, BLOWFISH off the surf if you can believe that, and Dot Gural of Waretown just weighed in her biggest bass ever off the surf, a 25 pound 6 ounces on clam at IBSP, congrats Dot.


How long do you have to wait to capture this shot??? 


 A detail of a Soviet Cold War map of the east coast of the United States. These were top secret maps used in the case the USSR was in a position to invade the United States.

NJ Local catches monster 21lb Tog

Joe Zagorski of Manasquan Park, NJ has put a lot of time and hard work into targeting blackfish this season and I would say it has paid off with interest. While fishing this spring April 27th with Captain Jerry Postorino on the “Fish Monger II” out of Point Pleasant, NJ Joe caught what most fisherman would consider the fish of a lifetime heaving a 21lb Tautog over the rail. IMG_2991.JPGThat isn’t even the half of it, Zagorsky has been on fire this year with an incredible 12 fish in the double digits under his belt. Check out these numbers 4@10lbs, 4@11lbs, 3@12lbs, 1@13lbs, 1@16.75, and now 1@21lbs I don’t know about all of you but to me those numbers are staggering. When I asked Joe if he could tell us a little about how it all went down this is what he had to say.

“Fished our first spot with just a little life. Captain Jerry made an adjustment still just a little life and Jerry says lines up we are moving on. Along the way he tells us “well boys if it’s gonna be picky today lets pick at the slobs.” He warns mates John and Mike along with the rest of us to check all of our knots, top shots, hooks, and drags, “we are going to where the big boys live.” Drops two anchors and quickly an 8 and 9lb fish along with a few others are landed, wind shifts again so its lines up and we make an adjustment to get back on the piece. I get 2 nice fresh clams and Captain says lines in again. Usually I let it sit for 30 seconds or so before I search the bottom I want to settle in on, well 15 seconds in it happens. Two small bounces on the rod tip and fortunately for me I had been fishing soft bait since April 1st. I knew immediately it was a classic soft bait big fish bite and I swung for the fences, fish on. The fish doubled over my rod the tip almost hit the gunwale, I kept hard pressure to keep it up off the wreck.

IMG_2989Captain Jerry (Left) and Joe with the 21lb Monster

Finally I got it to stop, got two wraps on the reel and she took off left. By this time the rod tip is in the water and she is peeling off line. Got her to stop again, one more wrap on the reel then she screams to the right peeling drag again. I finally get her up and down and straighten her out, one last dig for the bottom peeling drag then she finally gave up with no fight left. Easy reel to the top where John is waiting with the net, he gets her in with one fell swoop and the fish is in the boat. The biggest tog I have ever seen in person I could not believe my eyes, I am thinking 18-19lbs but Captain Jerry and John both say over twenty. We measure and weigh her and she bounced between 21 and 21.5lbs on two separate scales 29.5″ long with a 24.5″ girth. I’m a very lucky guy….lucky to be able to fish a lot, lucky to get that bite, lucky to land it. I am also very fortunate to have had Captain Jerry teaching me how to tog fish the past two seasons. I owe it all to him, so how appropriate I catch my personal best monster tog on his boat the Fish Monger II ”


For those of you that know and for those who have not yet figured it out, being truly good at tog fishing being a “sharpie” is not as easy as you think you have to put in your time. I have seen Joe fish as well as Captain Jerry and these guys are trying different things you are not even seeing, the are whole different plane that guys like me don’t even understand. Jedi? quite possibly, but I know one thing when it comes time start fishing for Tog again I will be putting time in with Jerry and Joe on theFish Monger II .

Joes Setup:

  • Mike Garone custom rod United Composite CE700l blank
  • Diawa Saltiga 15 JDM model 5:1 Retrieve
  • Diawa 55lb metered J Braid
  • Trik Fish 60lb mono top shot
  • Owner 4/0 octopus hook
  • Two hook slider rig tied with Seaguar Blue Label 50lb Fluoro

Teen bass on the afterhours Danny #stripedbass#njfishing #nightshiftcrew #saltwaterfishing bluefish blitzes until the sun went down.


Breezy Point New York May 2016
Nikita side to side with Captain John McMurray celebrating his bluefish catch, all fish caught on topwater plugs.
We manage to get him to skip school today but the story and the fish will grow bigger by tomorrow, he did a great job and I am a proud father of my little future angle



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Anchor from Blackbeard's ship raised after 293 years off North Carolina coast

By  McClatchy-Tribune News Service 

on May 28, 2011 at 12:28 AM, updated  May 28, 2011 at 12:34 AM
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blackbeard-anchor.jpgView full sizeA 3,000-pound anchor from Blackbeard's Queen Anne's revenge is pulled from the ocean off the North Carolina coast.

By Jay Price, Raleigh News & Observer

MOREHEAD CITY, North Carolina -- Archaeologists on Friday raised an anchor from the Queen Anne's Revenge, the ship that pirate Blackbeard and his crew intentionally grounded off the North Carolina coast in 1718.

The nearly 3,000-pound anchor is the largest artifact yet recovered from the wreck of the notorious pirate's flagship.

The anchor was atop a pile of debris, which appears to be the remnants of the middle of the ship, including its cargo hold, said Mark Wilde-Ramsing, director of the Queen Anne's Revenge project. Next week, researchers hope to dig a small test hole into the pile where the anchor was removed to get a sense of what else might be hidden there.

Queen Anne's Revenge was originally a French slave ship that Blackbeard and his band captured in the fall of 1717. Blackbeard, an Englishman whose real name was thought to be Edward Teach, was killed by British sailors in a battle near Ocracoke in 1718.

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