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Wednesday, December 30, 2015: It’s nothing to brag about out there ... tuna talk

My new truck ... if I can find it in red ... 


More lithe cat looks ... 



Something holy here rolleth ...



Winner of the "2015 Photo Bomb of the Year." Hmmmm. 

Good-bye, Starboard Inn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Om7uiUgpkHE

Wednesday, December 30, 2015: It’s nothing to brag about out there -- dreary and chilly -- but boy are there a ton of anglers on the mid-Island beaches. I guess it’s a holiday off-day for many. There are small stripers and some to well-keepable sizes.

If winds allow, the tog fishing should remain great to phenomenal. The size of some of the blackish being caught are amazing when considering how many are being taken in the five pound and up range. At that size even I give the go-ahead to filleting instead of cooking in the round (whole). That’s because catches have been so prolific that it’s way too much meat to eat immediately, which is required when cooking fish whole. Note: Do not freeze tog meat in a marinade. It softens it up too much making it primarily fishcake material.

By the by, striped bass meat freezes very well – and takes very well to a marinade, though it does tend to curl the fillet a bit.  

Did you know top chefs seldom thoroughly thaw a fish product? In fact, many/most now go from freezer to oven. Of course, it’s imperative to know how to add a bit of extra cooking time to account for thaw time in the oven. It gets even harder when broiling or pan frying.

It took me a goodly number of cold-center tries to master the freezer-to-oven approach. But I had both need and opportunity to perfect the process. During my Hawaii chef stint, I fed travel “junkets.” I would be faced with large groups of hungry folks all coming in at once, as part of a tour. I might have thawed out fifty filet portions – and found I instantly had 100 folks to feed. I would be running into the walk-in freezer with the other two chefs. We’d load our arms with hard-frozen portions. I learned real fast how to take fish from hard-frozen to perfectly prepared – helped along by cranking the oven up to max. Also, that was before microwaves were commonly used. Of course, I had the luxury of cooking tuna, which loves being cooked hot on the outside and just a touch of warmth inside.

We would use wooden skewers to feel the inside of a tuna (or meat) steak or filet. The Chinese head chef taught me how to drive the skewer through the fish, pull it out and touch to my cheek or tongue to feel the temp inside the fish. It became easy to use the skewer method to tell if the center was still too cold. Thermometer?! No self-respecting chef would resort to using quick-read thermometers. In fact, if I ever looked back into a kitchen and saw the cooks using them, I’d order just the salad.

Below: Seared tuna (from frozen) remains a hot item. The center is cool -- never cold.

I’ll also note that frozen-to-oven offers some of the finest tasting fish dishes; often way better tasting than thawed and cooked fish. Fast-freezing at sea captures freshness easily on par with much of the fresh fish sold at market – where “fresh fish” may be pushing three (or more) days on ice. In fact, NYC now requires all sushi and sashimi come from frozen product. Yep, “fresh” is far too risky. Freshly thawed sashimi – from fish fast-frozen at sea – is damn near on par with sashimi served the day a fish is caught. 


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'If you believe in the work that we do, please consider giving a year end gift today. You can donate on Facebook by clicking the button below or give on our website at: <a href=
www.humanesociety.org/yearend. We can't do this lifesaving work for animals without your support. Even $10 will make a difference! Thank you all <3'" width="471" height="246" />
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A look at three new products from S&S bucktails, our pro series Rock hopper, Sea Robin and our spinoff of a super strike, also our newest Slim fish Bone
Stanley Gola's photo.
Stanley Gola's photo.
Stanley Gola's photo.
Sam Rescigno
Joey Pickles Kaiser and his dad John with a few cod and jumbo seabass today

CB#: 609-618-1962 Caught on the Mary MIV

Sam Rescigno's photo.
Great Day on the Katherine Anne despite the fog. Caught 6 in the first 45 minutes 2 putting lines out and limited out in less than 3 hours. Up to 39lbs today. 1 more day left. Still skunked on a 50+ maybe tomorrow. 
Neal Taylor
Justin Wilson 
Nathan Walker
Bradley Wachowiak's photo.
Bradley Wachowiak's photo.
Bradley Wachowiak's photo.

Sat 8:30 AM
Hofstra University Student Center
 · Hempstead, NY
Love coming home to packages from our sponsors and friend @scyllalures thanks for the awesome daisy chain can't wait to throw in the spread!
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Wrapping up the year , one little guy decided to cooperate this afternoon.
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 For the charter fleet, this means dozens of boats per day will not have charters, hundreds of people per day will not have work, charter businesses and other local businesses that profit from the charter fishery will not see the tens of thousands of dollars a day coming in, and the state will not get its share of tax revenues. This is for no reason. The fish are here. The weather is great. There are tons of people who want to go fishing, but none of that matters because the state of Virginia put an "x" on their calender that says no more striper fishing after January 1. There is no other winter charter fishery in Virginia, and this is government regulating local small businesses out of business.
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Keith Thomas

Black Talon Plugs
I haven't been in the shop much over the last 3 weeks or so, my father has been ill and almost passed on us. 

I am miles behind on getting plugs ready for the shows coming up. I'm hoping after the new year i have more time to catch up on things in the shop.

I did get a chance to do this one for a benifit auction. 
Lava painted on my Diablo plug.

Happy New Year to everyone and be safe!!

Keith Thomas's photo.
Keith Thomas's photo.

Surfcaster's Journal Online Magazine
New video from the Surfcaster's Journal Magazine

You asked, we did it. It means nothing to some, everything to others.


Mack pattern it's still the one who fascinates me more; how simple it looks and how hard it is to airbrush stripes with the right shape, blending those iridescent colors and "skin" texture.

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Jay Mert updated his profile picture.
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This is my super hardware 9" baby carved lure. I like it. Thinking in the art paint on these lot.


(More pre-bloomers this odd winter)

Laura Maschal

Winter snapdragons and alyssum.
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