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Wednesday, December 28, 2011:

Since we have had no need to offer the hackneyed expression “Cold enough for ya,” I’ll throw in a ridiculously redundant, “Windy enough for ya?”

My windo-mometer has toyed with 55 mph since late yesterday (SSW) through today (WNW). For me this signals blow-out conditions for Toms River. By tomorrow I’ll be able to get into the water there for some subaquatic metal detecting, something I’ve done since the mid-60s. Sure it’s chilly but the fun factor (for me) makes every shiver worth it.


Even though it’ll feel a bit like true winter through tonight, look for a return to strange La Nina mildness in nothing flat. Temps in the 50s will be common into next week. I see no significant (long-term) dips in the Jet Stream until mid-January. Not that it’ll get suddenly colder then, the computer projections that have been right on to this point simply start to lose accuracy that far into the future. Sorry for all you skier and snowboarders, though there shouldn’t be any lack of snow from the Poconos northward. By the same taken, fixed-income folks love the heating money being saved each day we don’t have to crank up the thermostat.


Yes, I’m kinda sidestepping the fishing thing since anglers have hardly been out there in huge numbers. It’s tough to get a read with yesterday’s storminess and today’s honkedness. I’ve gotten no calls, emails, tweets or F-book updates regarding hookups.  I did chat with one mainland angler who says it’s still a breeze taking pickerel on minnows. No surprise there. 

I did get a fun email from a younger angler whose folks bought him a buggy (SUV) for Christmas. Yes, it was new -- and to also be used as his college vehicle. He wanted a rundown on readying it for the beach. I couldn't believe I actually balked a bit, all but asking if he was sure he wanted to do the beach thing to such a new vehicle. He did -- though I did ask him to wait until next week so he can use a new 2012 beach buggy permit. What's more,  his dad is all for breaking it in on the sand. Instead of writing stuff down, I called up and explained the many little things that make for a fun maiden voyage onto the sand. 

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