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Wednesday  Dec. 15, 2011

Bass still in the surf. Plugging away in the a.m. is primarily the way to go. However, when i got in from off-Island after dark, I had a report of afternoon stripers on Rat'l'Traps and also a black Fin-S Fish. No word on locale but I think it was south. I'm betting the Jap Hole area is about to show stripers. That zone is traditionally good during late warm-water falls. 

I have a meeting tomorrow regarding the just completed LBI Surf Fishing Classic. If anyone has a question or comment you want me to bring up please email me ASAP at jmann99@hotmail.com. Even if you can't get it to me right away, I can quickly pass on any feedback in coming weeks. 


"Scott from 28th St. wants to know if you have ever seen or heard of sand eels inside a bunker because they had one that was loaded with them."

(Pretty much physically impossible. Bunker are filter feeders, sucking in microscopic phytoplankton and, occasionally, microscopic zooplankton. It is a total baffler what might have been inside the bunker. By the same token, ocean herring can be utterly loaded to the gills with sand eels, spearing, rainfish, etc. Just a thought. J-mann)



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