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Wed. Oct. 26, 2011 -- Bass microburst

Wednesday, October 26, 2011:


South winds and the stripers responded. I’m going to prove that theory yet. Helping me was a burst of bass in Holgate. Per weigh-in info, Classic-entered stripers from 18 to 28 pounds showed at the scales. There might even be some late arrivers that aren’t entered into the daily data banks run by the Chamber.  


I was also at Holgate. The water looked absolutely great for fish – and I noted that long before I got news of the fish being caught there. Things have cleaned up but it wasn’t too clear. Also, a 2- to 3-foot swell had it stirred just right. Unwilling to turn to chunks (just yet) I threw plugs until my line hurt. Apparently those South End stripers were not plug-oriented whatsoever. Zero swirls, swipes or swacks.


I did see a couple gannet doing the high-altitude dive bombs they’re famed for. What they were on is hard to say since the bunker are not showing so well. Gannet only target larger forage fish, not the likes of rainfish, which are out there pretty thick.


I did mange to score some nice clams. Hey, when you get skunked casting you praise any and all catches.


You might want to air our thicker clothing. Hard to believe but there might be some snow flakes mixed with rain on Saturday. It won’t be a protracted chill but it’ll feel way worse than it is since we’re all so thin-skinned from the fall mildness to this point.


It’ll be interesting to see how the boat anglers in the Sea Shell Derby will negotiate the sky challenges. The up side is the  arrival of the above-mentioned burst of bass. Of course, the 62-degree ocean isn’t the stuff of torrid stripering.  I took that same temp at four spots from Ship Bottom to Holgate.


From what I’ve seen, the much ballyhooed king tides aren’t showing much at all, due mainly to the west winds and smaller surf. Last month’s similarly high tides were way more problematic, made so by large swells.


Holgate is a very easy drive. Public works has really piled on the sand at the last stretch of the access road. The lack of drama with the king tides is hugely helpful to the Holgate access cause. Request: The beaches are none to wide on the last third of the stretch to the Rip. When parking along there to fish, try to leave as much pass-by space as possible. It’s appreciated.


(It is that humbling time of year when I hold the hat out for my one annual donation drive. I’m heading toward my 15th year and I promise there are a load of various expenses. Every donated penny goes to covering costs. I also want to assure that I absolutely do not EXPECT donations from anyone. Some folks have annually been kind – and I want them (and all) to realize that I’m thankful for past help but fully understand some years are better than others are.

Donations can be mailed to: Jay Mann, 222 18th Street, Ship Bottom, NJ, 08008-4418. Also, I can be PayPal-ed at jmann99@hotmail.com. )

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