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Wed. Nov 17 -- Another major striper Classic

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010:

Well, the wind will win the day, easily. This a.m. there are already gust to near 40 which mean we could see some pushing mid to upper 40s as the west winds really kick in later. This doesn’t preclude some surfcasting, coupled with rod holding, as opposed to trying to differentiate spiked rods blowing in the wind from rods trying to signal fish on. Even if you have a lee spot in the bay, these winds are going to make boat fishing kinda miserable.

I got a number of reports about decent bassing yesterday. Please check with local shops and the Classic website for the exact hookup areas, though I can generally repeat the south part of LBI was a focal point – and snag-and-drop was the day’s MO. Many of bass were damn decent 20-ish pounders, then up walks Larry Weidner with a gorgeous 47.88, caught on bunker in Town (Beach Haven). Wow, does that ever mean the rogue trophy bass are still on the sudsy prowl. Larry is a former Classic winner.

It’s a shame that the winds wills be kicking up so much right through the weekend. The blackfishing is excellent to incredible. However, trying to get winds or sea calm enough to properly work wrecks is going to take a headboat-sized vessel or larger. Thanks to Del T. for dropping off those “tog-cakes.” He’s giving my buddy Walt a run for the best blackie fishcakes anywhere.

Bridges have had fish.


I got my annual flower bulbs care package from fishing ace and flower “merchant” Tim Schipper of Colorblends.com fame. Mucho thanks, per usual, my friend.

I got a load of Tim’s world-famous bulbs and have taken to being something of a Johnny Tulipbulb, scatter planting them in areas where they’ll surprise me come spring.

And, yes, I’m a bit of a spring flower person – and openly admit it. Sure, I like the flowers for looks and all, but, just as much, that flowery bustin’ out of tulips in the early spring means I made it through another winter. Since I quit overwintering in Hawaii – seems another life ago – it’s been an annual cold-core struggle coping with often bleak and brutal LBI winters. Hey, I’ve talked to winter-loving people from other areas who come down here when 40 mph winds are blowing across a frozen bay and they as much as say “Screw this, I’m going back to Minnesota for some relief.”

Anyway I want to offer a bit of the cool history behind Tim and Schipper clan, per their website”

“Schipper & Company started in the Netherlands in 1912, when telephones were uncommon, radios were used only for ship-to-shore communication, and the television had not warmed a single living room with its glow.

“Cornelis Schipper brought the company to the United States after World War II and took Dutch bulbs from customer to customer in his business coupe. Cor and his wife, Sabine, raised a lawyer, an architect, a small businessman, a big businessman and finally, in their youngest son, Tim, a bulb merchant to carry on the family tradition.

COLORBLENDS, part of Schipper & Company, is still family owned, and we still sell bulbs to some of the same customers Cornelis visited 50 years ago. What's new are Colorblends: pre-blended mixtures of tulips that combine two, three or more varieties for a jaw-dropping, car-stopping spring display. There is nothing wrong with a block of red or yellow, but the tapestry effect of a Colorblend takes tulips to a whole new level.”

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