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Tuesday, November 25, 2014: A holiday issue SandPaper kept me under the work thumb all day ...

Brighter than he looks ... 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014: A holiday issue SandPaper kept me under the work thumb all day and well into the night, as in 12 hours straight. Brutal.

I did have time to glance at Facebook comments. Facebook rocks. Oh there’s more kooks than you can shake a weird-stick at but overall the company is just incredible. The stories/news is are fascinating if true – and fascinating anyway.

By the by, I’m not conversant with Twitter. Sorry. I’ll try to learn to twit this winter. Actually, growing up, if you carelessly used the word twit, knuckle sandwiches popped up.

My problem with Twitter is the way it’s the Reader’s Digest form of communication. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve yet to master the art of succinctness, thus one of my favorite all-time quotes is, “I haven’t time to be brief,” likely invented by George Bernard Shaw. That encapsulates the concept that being brief often ends up creating more questions and demanding more answers than simply laying it all out from the get-go.

The same concept applies working at shortening something. Philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal wrote the French equivalent of, “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”  

On those concepts flies this blog. I let words fly freely, knowing I’m taking the long route but surely having way too little time to go back and trim to fashionable conciseness.

All this means I have squat to talk about fishing-wise, though the weather is always a turn-to subject, except in this case. While the storm du jour has yet to even begin, it has blown itself out in my mind. It’s like eating a jumbo pizza and hitting the wall; another piece would blow the lid clean off, so to speak. I no longer give a rat’s ass about the stupid storm and its precious snowfall. We ain’t getting’ nothin’ along the shore and I ain’t goin’ nowhere for Thanksgiving so let it snow or not snow or rain or not rain. Please don’t make every storm this entire winter a social media event/crisis.

You pick it::::

The ocean temps have really dropped dramatically.  I have even seen some 39-degree reports from buoys. Generally, they’re in the low 40s, which is still quite a drop from not that many weeks back when we were way-warm for November. This arriving blow could actually hike the temps up a few degrees, via wind direction – quickly followed by the icy runoff from the storm lowering them again.

Those ocean temp swings can impact late-season surf casting for bass. With the colder water near the beach, the bass will literally warm up within the thermoclines off the beach, as close in as a mile out. Thermoclines are warmer lens of water this time of year. The bass will then rush in for food grabbing, late in the day, before needing to move back out for thermocline relief. That produces our fall late-day and sunset bassing opportunities, starting now.

Bass moving in from off the beach feed very aggressively, knowing their feeding time is short, so plugs and other artificials work best. Late-day bass will often swirl and even break water, even into December. To be sure, a calm ocean is a must when looking for them visually. A buggy helps.  

The late-day move-in of bass can actually be traced, via long-casting Avas and such. When surf casting, the first hookups of the afternoon are clear out near the sandbars. Then, the action moves a little closer in. Finally, hookups are flush against the beach.

On LBI, we sometimes get near blitz conditions toward dark, when beachside schoolie stripers have bait trapped near a jetty. Signs include surface splashes (baitfish and bass) and a hookup per cast. Sure,  that’s partly my perpetual optimism shining through but virtually all LBI anglers have seen those late-season, late-day bass explosions near jetties.

By the by, bait is useless during such flurries. 


“Hey Jay, just got back from the beach today. You might want to put a travel advisory out for Holgate for the folks coming down for the long weekend. I was out around 3:00 and was heading back from the rip. I LAUNCHED my new buggy off the side of a "washout". Hit my head on the roof, launched my rear cooler, bait, weights, and plugs out of the rack and all over the beach. Ripped my new license plate right off the truck. It was around the bend heading north from the rip. Dropped off about 3 feet...I never saw it. Especially dangerous in the dark hours. Joe H.” 

(Joe, Been there, done that ...!!!! I actually wrote about same a few weeks back. The tricky part is those washouts run east to west so you hit them full bore ... and can't see them coming at all. Thanx for, uh, the HEADS UP ...Sorry, that was bad. J-mann)

Below: Not impossible ... just sayin'. 


Capt. Dave DeGennaro 
Hi Flier Sportfishing 

Once this northeaster blows through tomorrow (Wed), the forecast is for west and NW winds. This should start leveling out the ocean as early as Thanksgiving Day.  The striper fishing is still very good. Jigging and casting is providing some light tackle action with schoolie size bass but trolling is putting 15 to 20 pound fish in the boat. We will be bringing rods and gear to do it all. Casting, jigging, or trolling.
We will be running Open Boat trips Fri, Sat, Sun, and Mon, Nov. 28, 29, 30, and Dec 1.  Departing at 6:30 AM and returning at 12:30 PM each day. $160 per person. 3 people max. All fish are shared. Call to reserve a spot. Any of these dates can be chartered as well.



            Enclosed is this week’s fishing report for the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. It is pasted below and also attached as a file. If you have any questions, my cell phone number is 609-290-5942 and my e-mail address is jamesghutch1@aol.com

Thanks for your help,

Jim Hutchinson Sr. 

Thanksgiving is arriving in Beach Haven, but many of the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are thinking of striped bass rather than turkey. While some of the captains have begun to prepare their boats and equipment for the winter storage, some are still putting some nice striped bass in their fish boxes. 

Mate Marlyn Graham reports the “Starfish” had to work pretty hard recently to find some fish, but they ultimately managed to put a pair of nice fish in the box. A pair of keepers, one 32-inches and the other 34-inches made for a successful fishing day. 

Captain Gary Dugan of the “Irish Jig” managed to put a pair of 32-inch stripers on board after losing another pair of fish before they could be netted. Captain Gary said that Sunday was tough fishing as he was unable to locate any bait. 

As the fall moves on, the average size of the bass drops down, but there are still some large masses of fish to the north that will be passing through the Beach Haven area. If the weather cooperates, there should be decent striped bass fishing right on through the month of December. 

The captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association want to go on the record as wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and the beginning of a great holiday season. 

Additional information on the captains and boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at www.BHCFA.org


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