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Tuesday, November 22, 2016: The ocean today was amazing … not that I’d know. I got in exactly 14 late-day casts

Below: I'm guessing there's a bad-ass swimming around out there, somewhere. While this shark's facial expression is all, "It's just a flesh wound."

Below: Knee-deep jealousy for me, seeing this surfcaster as I drove to work this a.m. ... for 12 hours in the office.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016: The ocean today was amazing … not that I’d know. I got in exactly 14 late-day casts during a minor dinner break, made more minor by those casts. I did it away from any other anglers since I was donning dress clothes and standing in higher-end wing-tip shoes.

Below: Ideal for jigging ...

No fish but I did catch a great look at the clean and colorful water; quite sweet and urging me to see its darker side, which is just what I’ll be looking at … on or around my midnight work-exit time. I likely have 10 pair of gloves ... but just try to find even one pair right about now. 

There are after-dark bass out there, per yet a couple more folks who have to grab what surfcasting they can, i.e. post-sunset.

Those folks showing nighttime striper success are going the bait route, heaving out clams and bunker. I must speak nicely of such chunk tossing since it seems very likely I’ll need to go the circle-hook route tomorrow -- and early the next day -- if I expect to nab that elusive Thanksgiving keeper bass as close to possible to 28 inches. Hey, beggars can be choosy, though I'll go a full 30 inches if nature so dictates

Below: While somewhere within radio-reception distance, the rockfish flow freely.  

That said, holiday clams are a slam dunk. Tides are right -- and low, early day tomorrow. Air temps could be testy, 30s wind-chill. Not to sweat it. The cold will soon give way to coolness followed by a decent chance for normalcy (50s) if not abnormalcy (60s) in the longer term.

Beach Haven Coast Guard Station, New Jersey
39.5483° N, 74.2567° W

2016-11-22 Tue 10:18 PM EST 0.1 feet Low Tide
2016-11-23 Wed 4:14 AM EST 2.2 feet High Tide
2016-11-23 Wed 6:50 AM EST Sunrise
2016-11-23 Wed 10:40 AM EST 0.3 feet Low Tide
2016-11-23 Wed 4:27 PM EST 2.1 feet High Tide
2016-11-23 Wed 4:36 PM EST Sunset
2016-11-23 Wed 11:08 PM EST 0.1 feet Low Tide
2016-11-24 Thu 5:07 AM EST 2.2 feet High Tide
2016-11-24 Thu 6:51 AM EST Sunrise
2016-11-24 Thu 11:32 AM EST 0.3 feet Low Tide
2016-11-24 Thu 4:35 PM EST Sunset
2016-11-24 Thu 5:21 PM EST 2.1 feet High Tide
2016-11-24 Thu 11:52 PM EST 0.1 feet Low Tide
2016-11-25 Fri 5:57 AM EST 2.3 feet High Tide

I’ll mention in passing that I’ve gotten some hot tog reports, dating back to pre-gale. Those reports were boat heavy, though a rockhopper in BL showed me a photo of a fine jetty hookup. I’m not big on photo-hyping tog by the slew-load since it’s a hurting fishery – and the population of tog anglers is pretty much established. No need to attract more lines. Also, thanks for the blackfish meat drop-off, T.N.

As to those bigger bluefish of days past, the last pass-through was more the north end of LBI – and all going for bunker chunks.

Here’s the Classic stats to date. Two weeks to go. For more exacting data see ... http://www.lbift.com/tournament.php?id=1196

Registered Anglers:        649

Striped Bass Catches:     45

Bluefish Catches:  23


Buddy Phillip decides, like many others, to grab what IBSP is offering ... 

Philip William Abernathy The biggest out of 6. 22 lbs.

Also up that-away: 
4 fish today ....all on MH4 peanuts .....

Andrew Warshawer 
Bob Popovics today with a gorgeous 30lb Bass on a 8wt, light leader and Green, Yellow and White 
hollowfleye . You are the man POP! Leave your spinning rods at home!! 


Towards the end of last week the stage was set and now the show has begun. Thursdays trip was big blue after big blue (pic attached). The blues were pushing adult bunker to the air as they tried to escape with their lives.  Our smallest blue weighed in @ 11.5 pounds and our biggest close to 16. These blues were lean, mean, fighting machines. We did manage to pull one nice sized bass out of the pandemonium. Saturday was an off day for whatever reason. The body of big fish were down off AC. Up the  beach and around the inlet it was tough putting a good catch together. We worked hard to boat one 28” bass on spot. On the way back across the I came across large schools of peanut bunker looking to head to warmer ocean waters.  For the Debbie M, Sunday was a blow out with gale warnings flying and as luck would have it, the peanuts pushed off the beach and I had good reports of epic action for those braving the winds. With inshore water temperatures @56 and close to 60 deg 20 miles off, this week should be amazing .  I am booked Sunday but still have Friday and Saturday open for a last minute trip to cash in on the fall run. 

Screaming drags,

Capt. Alex

www.LighthouseSportfishing.com Barnegat Bay, NJ


You Tube Channel: Fishing Barnegat Bay


Todd Avery

So here is how it went down the truth about fishing!!!!first couldn't find birds had baby bunker no fish that was frist stop ,we all where like on the phone asking and all saying wtf,ueah a couple caught but super slow ,then we all grouped up fisrt Pete Evangelist,amd Jude baker ,bam pete on fish , me nada Jude nada we left went north boom pete and Jude walk out bam they catch me nada I left pissed so I went and chased birds went to walk out on bar took on waves said screw it now I am soaked , got one then lost one saw 1now I am happy now Chris McIntee, Duong Nguyen,are in our crew pete and I run for it the everyone else me being wet pretty much dove in bass at our feet and a huge seal nada now Chris leaves we keep looking now we r all like wtf we go south and let me tell you we found the mother load talk about a bunch of grown men in a candy store omg just nuts pete I can't thk u enough for That lure what a freaking day still soaked at my house tight line


And for a warmer look: 

First Lookdown on the fly! Who knows what lurks in Ascencion Bay?! Saw plenty of snook today, but my fly didn't find its mark. Oh, and landed dozens more bonefish and palometas. And did get to spy a big ol' permit tailing before he went ghost.Needless to say, my heart was racing in a good way all hours today.


Jim Hutchinson Sr. 

The 2016 fishing season is far from over for the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. The schools of striped bass are well within reach of Beach Haven and there is some superb wreck fishing to be had.

Capt. Lindsay Fuller had the Hancock party out of the “June Bug” looking for striped bass last weekend. Captain Lindsay decided to head south where he had heard of action. Working his way down the beach, he saw huge pods of bunker on his fish finder at the 30-foot line but none above that. He trolled Mojos and Tony Maja Bunker Spoons in various color combinations. After 45 minutes working the edge of the fleet, he hooked up. First mate Zach made sure the fish was hooked and handed the rod to Anita Hancock After a short fight, a 35-inch bass made it into the fish box. That bass ended up being the only fish of the day. They party did manage to snag several bunker with the lures. 

Captain Carl Sheppard had the “Star Fish” out where he found some big stripers and large bluefish right off Beach Haven. He trolled a combination of four rigs including Mojo’s, bunker spoons, umbrella rigs, and Stretches. Color did not seem as important as where the fish congregated. Most of the bite on Saturday was in the afternoon while charters since then have been cancelled due to the wind.

Captain Jimmy Zavacky had a good day last Saturday on the “Reel Determined” when he caught 5 bass up to 41-inches along with a few very big bluefish. He too, was trolling.

Captain Gary Dugan fished the “Irish Jig” off Harvey Cedars last Thursday when he caught a pair of 42-inch bass on bunker spoons. On Friday, he fished closer to home and had “non-stop” action on bluefish and 5 bass to 42-inches. On Saturday he had problems getting away from the monster bluefish and only managed one 36-inch bass for the box with one big fish lost at the boat.

Captain Bill Kaiser had the “Tuna Sue” out Saturday fishing on wrecks some 10-miles off the beach. The blackfish action was “off the charts” until he lost an anchor on a wreck. Captain Bill went on the drift and still caught fish proving there are large numbers of wreck fish around. He has plans to do more wreck fishing along with striped bass and maybe even seeking bluefish tuna on spinners.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at www.BHCFA.net.


Miss Barnegat Light report: From "KRK"

"Sunday restored my outlook.  Wooden ships iron men.  I was thinking of not going but rallied up and out bed.  Holy wind wiped. By far one of my best days fishing in my life. 18 people on boat fished one side of boat.  Totally awesome captain and crew. They even went back for father and son who showed up late. Great awesome crew.  I think I saw three boats besides us. The aquatic life was unbelievable birds like I've never seen they were thick as could be and everywhere,  everywhere did I say thick holy crap.   Flying diving sitting swooping feeding hard.  No matter where we were and went every stop and drop produced fish.  big small mediums stripers O and big huge slammer blues.  It was non stop action.  Theirs fish and in big big numbers just had to stand tuff in that wind.  Only bummer was that time went by sooo fast.  So many fish such little time. Fishing in 40 mph winds was tricky but the reward was one I will remember for a while.  ..."


Apex Anglers with AJ Rotondella and Jim Campbell.
As promised, my first Bull shark is dedicated to my friend 
Jim Campbell. You were with me through the whole battle as I finally fulfilled a quest I set out in y
our honor, with the rod you traded me. She wasn't a monster, but she fought in your spirit, IN ALL CAPS. This one is for you big dog. See you on the other side. #BIGDOGJIM apexanglers

6 1/2 inch stick squid poppers wood 1.20 ounces and I make my own glass eyes 

Tracie Lynn Scherer


Talks to sell China fishing rights in Bahamas alarm Florida

By Jim Turner - News Service of Florida

 Florida wildlife officials expressed concern Wednesday that the government of the Bahamas is in talks with China to split fishing rights in waters east of Florida.

State Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Executive Director Nick Wiley said the potential deal, as reported, could impact Florida’s commercial and sport-fishing industries.

“China, their interests in this, would get exclusive access to fisheries in Bahamian waters,” Wiley said. “A lot of people may not realize this, but the boundary between the United States waters and Bahamian waters is still in dispute. It’s still not been clarified, so that further makes this an issue.”

The government of the Bahamas hasn’t released details of the negotiations.

The Nassau Guardian newspaper has reported that the government of the Bahamas has given the green light to its embassy in Beijing to pursue agricultural and fishing partnerships with China. The proposal reportedly could bring $2.1 billion in cash, along with agricultural and farming equipment, into the Bahamian economy, over 10 years.

The proposal by the Bahamian government, according to the Guardian, states: “While realization of a reasonable return on an investment in agriculture is a relatively slow process, requiring substantial capitalization over many years, participating companies in the initiative will within months of commencement of operations realize positive cash flow from the sale of seafood.”

Under the reported terms of the deal, the government would lease to 100 companies — each jointly owned by Chinese and Bahamians shareholders — 10,000 acres in Andros Island, along with fishing licenses.

“It is anticipated that the agricultural products and the seafood will be used either for local consumption or will be exported to China or the U.S.A. for sale,” the proposal says. “The management of participating companies will resolve to do what is in their best interest.”

Commercial fishing for conch, lobster, snapper and grouper are mainstays of the Andros Island’s economy. However, the indication is that the Chinese firms want to target dolphin, kingfish, marlin, tuna and wahoo.

Wiley said the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has reached out to the government of the Bahamas for additional details.

“It’s something we really need to figure out what is going on. We really don’t understand it yet,” said Commissioner Robert Spottswood, the president of a Key West real-estate development company. “But the potential impact for us in the Keys, in Florida and for the U.S., of the Chinese government getting involved in fishing in the Bahamas could certainly affect the balance of what is going on in fisheries in South Florida.”

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