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Tuesday, November 14, 2017: Man, it’s nice out … and I’m nice and shut in *** LET THE LEI DREDGING COMMENCE

Not only cops but even police dogs hate being shot at ... 

Amazing police dog catches shooter

Ditto for lions ... 

Lion attack

Imagine a police lion? Adds a whole new dimension to a cop yelling, "Come out or you'll get bit ... and clawed and maimed and stomped and ... "

Image result for man attacked by lion


I nabbed this video of a squirrel taking a break from hectic nut gathering... 

Squirrel drinking a beer

Tuesday, November 14, 2017: Man, it’s nice out … and I’m nice and shut in. Some weeks at the paper are simply more riled than others, such is this week. No chance to slip out until after dark. My rods are at the ready for maybe 11 pm tonight.

The ocean is once again relatively riled, 3- to 4 feet, short-period out of the north … and maybe building via north winds. It is more fishable at higher tide. Many a surfcaster has simply modified and adapted to cope with the constant wave-age. Near-beach troughs and holes help the bottom-holding cause.

I’m seeing tomorrow and Thursday as offering elevated surfcasting potential, epically late tomorrow afternoon. Chunking will be the ticket.

Boat bassing is doable until hard west winds kick in this weekend, even then, they’ll lay down quickly as weather systems keep zipping through the region. Look for high temps near 60 on Saturday, meaning highly fishable south winds.   

LET THE LEI DREDGING COMMENCE:  Well, it’s happening … seemingly. The plan to dredge the east/ocean end of Little Egg Inlet has successfully jumped through some serious permitting hoops, the hoopiest being that jiggled around by US Fish and Wildlife Service. That federal agency needed proof aplenty that any inlet dredging would not impact the nearby Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge’s Wilderness Areas on Little Beach and Holgate. The LEI has never been dredged, so assurances of “No Impact” were hard to come by. However, the need for dredging has been apparent. 

As many a mariner knows, the shoals near the entrance to LEI have been rapidly building over the past decade, likely due to the north-to-south littoral drift of eroded LBI beach sand, both indigenous and placed (replenishment sand).

Navigating the inlet area became so unsound that the feds gave up putting in navigational aids, like buoys. That led to demands for man-dug channel. The state fully agreed.

Last week, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers finally issued a permit to clear “shoals” from the inlet.

From my previous conversations with ACE, that agency was fundamentally fine with the dredging. However, they were not the lead agency. There were those hoops, after which the NJDEP had to submit an official permit application to the Corps.

NJDEP’s application finally submitted, it passed technical muster.

It’s now full speed ahead to suck up as much as 1.5 million cubic yards of sand from the LEI shoals, leaving a channel 25 feet below mean sea level.

The dredged sand will be bound for the beaches of Holgate proper, the inhabited area of that Long Beach Township community. Replenished beaches there have eroded significantly, due to what might be called a kink in the Island. South of Holgate’s end-of-Boulevard parking lot, the beaches fronting the Forsythe Refuge property are as much as 150 yards further west than the rest of LBI’s beachline. That kink causes intense, end-around erosional currents to rapidly eat away at the beach sand near the Island’s most southerly groin, known as Wooden Jetty.

Technical note: There had been a small groin south of Wooden Jetty but it failed and decayed long ago.

At to the timeframe on the dredging, that should be coming along soon. It really needs to be done by, say, May, 2018. 

This is the run we have been waiting for. 30 to 40 pound stripers on bunker pods up and down the coast from Island Beach to Long Branch. Some of the best fishing is in 10 to 20 feet of water. Finback whales, bunker, and bass made for some exciting visual fishing the last few days. If the wind blows and the ocean gets uncomfortable, we have live bait to catch 22 to 36 inch stripers in Barnegat Inlet. Your choice: stripers or stripers. Either way, fish for dinner.
Tomorrow (Wed), and Sat are booked but I will be running Open Boat or Charter trips on Thurs and Fri, Nov 16 and 17, departing at 10 AM, returning at 5 PM and also Sun and Mon, Nov 19 and 20 leaving at 5:30 AM, returning around 1 PM. The weather will dictate if we run outside or fish the inlet so only people that are flexible should reserve. For the most part the wind has some velocity through the weekend but mostly W/NW which makes for a flat ocean in tight to the beach where the action has been. $175 person, four people max on the Open Boat trips, all fish are shared.
You can call right up until go time because we might have a spot. It happens all the time.
Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
732.330.5674 cell
Pics: Joe Parente (with his hood on) of Springfield, NJ with a 30 pounder that ate his bunker that he just snagged right at the boat.
Tom Tosco of Whitehouse Station, NJ with his 40 pounder on a live bunker.

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