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Tuesday, May 15, 2018: As you’ll see below, small bass are in the surfcasting mix, as right they should be

It's that time of year again ... 

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Surf City Bait and Tackle

23 hrs

Sent to us and confirmed. “Beach is on fire” 30 fish last evening to 25 lbs bass and blues all on 1 oz white bucktails. (Dante Dante Soriente, owner of Magictail Bucktails) Jerry: 


Tuesday, May 15, 2018: As you’ll see in photos below, small bass are in the surfcasting mix, as right they should be this month. While this bite doesn’t offer a read on trophy bass, it still indicates there is some inviting forage in the suds/shallows. Considering how much of the Island’s beachline has repaired itself post replenishment – many a jetty is showing – we could be seeing some surf fishing normalcy, except in areas undergoing the latest sand pumps, i.e. Brant Beach, Harvey Cedars and a small section of Surf City.

Ocean water temps are toying with 60.

Today, air temperatures on the mainland hit the upper 80s, breaking the previous high for the date at a slew of nearby locales. The LBI beachline held at 65 degrees – and lower.

A rapt plugger I know says he has recently had “very good” luck on smaller surf stripers, using an vast array of artificials. While he’s not big on jigging, I find when fish are going after poppers, swimmers, and even those do-nothing needles, they’re more than ready for jigs. I’m going to give jigs a try -- using a new baitcasting reel, which is the better reel for jigging. I wish I was better with braided line, patience-wise, since its low/no memory is ideal when setting a jig hook. I just need the fast knotting of mono.

Although I got word of a couple black drum being caught, they are definitely not properly represented for this late in spring.  The upside is the ones being caught are the smaller, best-eating size. The jumbos are surely nearby, though. By the by, there is no targeting black drum in the surf, like you can inside Little Egg Inlet. While black drum to not hit swimming or diving artificials, they will fall for jigs.


Baits for Black Drum
Natural baits are by far the best method for catching Black drum. Good baits include blue crabs, shrimp, clams, mussels, and anything else that puts off a good odor and taste. One trick if you’re not getting bites is to break open or pinch the baits, allowing more scent to be released into the water.

Black drum baits.
Lures for Black drum
Artificial lures can be a successful method of catching Black drum with a little skill and a lot of patience. Since these fish rely heavily on smell and taste, the best artificial lures are the soft plastics that are scented with natural flavors. These baits can be used similarly to how you would use live baits, by casting among schooling fish, or drifting along the bottom of deep channels and backwaters.


Stripers have been hot on the beach by Jingles - I have heard of quite a bit of striper action on the beach over the past couple of days... bunker, plugs, magictails.  Derby weigh-ins have picked up but we are still waiting for our first striper weigh for our in-store tournament!  This little birthday girl and her dad caught this bass yesterday morning in Spray Beach with bunker they purchased here just a few hours before! Today is already warm ...


Governor's Surf Fishing Tournament at Island Beach SP kicks summer fishing season.

beach sunset banner

Fishing begins at 6:30am - Don't miss out!

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