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Thursday, October 10, 2013: Short storm update ... black sands of Brant Beach

Thursday, October 10, 2013: Well, it seems this nor’easter is taking on old-fashionedness. It might go a full three days. However, it is at its peak and the winds have lot of north to them. Remember, they’re called nor’easters for a reason. The contain winds of both a north and east angle.

For us, is always the east slant that does us in. That’s the onshore flow component that can maximally stacks the tides in the bay.

When north winds take the lead during a storm, as they may be doing in our current storm, there can actually be a blowout effect on the bay, technically known as an evacuation of the water. Picture the wind blowing north down Barnegat Bay, literally pushing the arriving ocean water out the Little Egg Inlet end of LBI. Of course, the shallowing of that evacuation point slows the outflow, piling up water around Beach Haven and even over toward CR/Dock Road on the mainland. The north end of the Island benefits the most from a lot of north in nor’easters.  

This is not to say that some flooding isn’t on the upcoming menu. Hell, the Island now floods just for the fun of it on many occasions. But, it’ll be a stretch for this storm to even produce moderate flooding -- whereby certain roads, namely Central Avenue in Ship Bottom, need closing for a lengthy stretch.

I’m guessing the “Drive Right, Pass left” law has likely been eased a bit on LBI. Some of those puddled areas in the Boulevard’s right lanes can be brutal if hit at, say, 40 mph. However, when the roads are dry again, that much-needed “Drive Right, Pass left” law is back on black (asphalt).

BLACK ON BEACH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cTIpFrwcWo

Here’s yet another “sand” story in the Brant Beach area. This time it’s very black sand material turning those LBI beaches very lava-like. The black sand beaches of Hawaii are made of ground-down lava material. The black material I saw today is surely a lot more complex, ranging from manmade road material being broken down to (possibly) prehistoric materials eroded from igneous rocks – and stirred up during the dredging. I’ll be putting the black sands of Brant Beach under a microspore to make a more scientific guess at its origins.

During many of the dino (dinosaur material) digs I’ve been on -- most often in material dating to the Cretaceous Period – we always came across layers (lenses) of black material. Nature seemingly loves to throw layers of black into the Earth. Generally speaking, they are heavier materials, that’s why gold hunters love when they hit those heavier gold-rich black layers.

In case you hadn’t guessed, fishing will be iffy today and parts of tomorrow. With Holgate off the choice list, there are few places to go, short of high-impact surfcasting in Barnegat Light area. It can be fun and productive when you know the staying-dry ropes. It’s not for the uninitiated.

I saw nice weakfish caught bayside after dark last night, Ship Bottom – under lights. Think public – and plastics.


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