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Thursday Oct. 15 -- and all is not well

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Thursday, October 15, 2009: Waves: 4 to 6 feet and likely building rapidly to 12 feet – if forecasted winds come about.

Well, I think we can kiss fishing goodbye for awhile – possibly all weekend. I’m of course talking about us mere mortals. There are a select few former Marines who take the arriving howling NE winds as a Semper Fi challenge – and a perfect time to take on the biggest and baddest bass. Yes, we are in the autumnal time frame when Al took his world record bass. The big difference is the much later arrival of super stripers in recent years. Also, this year’s slowness of the mullet run and the somewhat odd very late arrival of the big nearshore bunker make the stirred surf a little less potential. HOWEVER (!), the recent showing of rogue cows indicates that some big-ass bass are on-scene. What’s more, any big bass that have arrived looking for the nearshore bunker balls and can’t find them will quickly feel the blow and move into the suds. I think conditions like these are the best chance for a plug taking a 50-pounder. The south-facing sides of jetties should be workable with the forecasted 45 mph-plus winds. Larger metals (even the classic Hopkins) can handle the winds, as can larger Gibb’s and such. I really like the largest Bombers – school bus yellow once worked for me, big time. Of course, nothing works better than a vintage 02 Red Fin if you can risk losing one. I can’t. I use a far more common “Smokey Joe” instead.

Flood considerations: You might want to loosen the lines to your berthed vessels if the forecasted 8.5 high tides happen since we are in an astronomical phase (new moon) where there will also be some low tide factors despite the ultra high winds. In other words, there will be some serious swings in tides. Despite this being a potentially long-lived storm system (2 storms), the nastiest wind part will be tonight with winds backing off tomorrow. I have some doubts about the entire system hanging in there as long as now forecasted (through Monday). Still, this is one of the more significant road flooders we’ve seen in a couple years. Virtually everyone in Mud City is moving vehicles to high ground. Always an indicators that weathery things are going into the crapper.

Holgate considerations: This could prove very damaging in furthering the Holgate break near the Osprey Nest. I’m pretty sure the bay and ocean will connect to some degree at some point, though a permanent channel is not yet going to happen. A lot of sand has recently built near the entrance so it’ll take a few high tides before the drive-on point is ravaged. Still, the entrance will surely be banged to hell and back. The Refuge is closing the beach. It’s unlikely the entrance would be passable by tomorrow anyway. I fear the drive down after the storm will be a barely negotiable black forest routine -- with dead trees where we need to drive.

I hear folks are having a hard time reaching the www.lbift.com site. I get there fine but I think something is tripping many folks’ firewalls. All firewalls allow certain sites to be placed on a safe list. Try going into ALL firewalls and typing in www.lbift.com into safe and allowed sites. Remember that you have the Microsoft security system along with any special firewalls you’ve added.

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Comment by Ryan on October 16, 2009 at 8:42am
how are the beaches for buggies


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