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Thursday, May 14, 2009: There are more and more reports of the big girls showing up. Mainly caught on boats, bass to over 40 pounds are being confirmed via photos and a few weigh-ins. There will be …

Thursday, May 14, 2009: There are more and more reports of the big girls showing up. Mainly caught on boats, bass to over 40 pounds are being confirmed via photos and a few weigh-ins.

There will be an updated Simply Bassin’ board tomorrow. A couple entrants were lost due a snafu in faxings. Still over 6 weeks to go so sign up – the spring stripering wildness should begin soon.

The bass action on the beaches is bouncing all around. The flare-ups are offering bassing as brisk as it gets (in a non-blitz mode). Clams and bunker are seemingly both working -- but seldom at the same time. That’s why serious surfcasters always work a couple or more rods – and even pompano rigs with both baits. Once the working bait is worked out, it’s often not worth it keeping both baits out.

Needless to say (but must be) the skate and dogs are out there in force when the bass and blues aren’t in play.

Bay note: For the umpteenth year in a row, the snot grass is insane. No, that hasn’t always been the case come spring. In fact, I have to think there is some correlation between the over nutrification of the bay and the massive showing of this ruinous algae. Some folks believe some radical tides – be they astronomical or storm driven – is what it takes to blow out the snot weed.

Joe H report: Jay,
Long story short it's 3:15am and I'm beat. Fished North end with plugs Tuesday night and had bass and bluefish. All on black plugs. Went to the south end after that and caught 5 more bass to 20lbs on bunker. My buddies brother had the big fish that he dove headlong into the wash after,trying to land his first keeper! Not good. Funny as hell. He is in the tourney too. Fish got away.

caught 3 more bass on the south end on bunker around midnight. I have one fish to weigh tomorrow that is in the upper teens, maybe twenty. Bass are there you just have to weed through plenty of trash fish. Also, I found a message in a bottle tonight...quite cool. Story for another day. I'm off to bed.

Joe H

Despite several days of heavy rain, the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association have been able to get some trips in and c
atch some fish.
Captain Fran Verdi on the "Cousins" had a couple of parties out last weekend after stripers in the Great Bay area. Captain Fran took Nick Rausch and Frank Marrazza to the Graveling point area in dense fog. After fishing an hour of the incoming tide the tide went slack, and a rod doubled over producing a 29-inch striper for the fish box.
Things then slowed again until the tide started out. One fish was brought to the boat but spit the hook. It looked to be short but it was going to be close. Then a combination of increasing winds against the tide made fishing difficult the rest of the day.
Captain Adam fished the next day with the Rob Fraley Party. They set up at Graveling Point and had the incoming tide to work with for about three hours. After 30 minutes a line went down and it was the first striper of the day, a 32-incher was landed.
The tide went slack and they had a doubleheader on with Rob getting his first keeper striper ever. His fish was 31-inches, but the other fish was a very short 10-inches. Ironically that angler’s nickname was "Tiny."
The boats of the BHCFA that fish the ocean reefs and wrecks are encouraged over the early showing of some decent sea bass fishing.
On Saturday May 9, the "Miss Beach Haven" with Captain Frank Camarda covered a lot of ground all the way out to 100 feet of water looking for fish. Captain Frank reports he found plenty of life in 90 ft of water, but the problem was they were last years models.
The anglers had a goodly amount of catching going on with a lot of releasing. By the end of the day they were about 14 miles from the inlet with a water temperature of 51 degrees The high hook for the day was 5 sea bass by Jerry from Philadelphia who won the pool with a 3.5 -pound sea bass.
Captain Adam Nowalsky on the "Karen Ann II" reports he was tied to the dock the past week "courtesy of Mother Nature." Now that the weather patterns seem to have straightened up, he has plans to get back to the fishing grounds soon to tangle with the spring humpback sea bass.
~Jim Hutchinson Sr

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