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Thursday, July 25, 2019: We’re embarking on yet another classic weekend. ... Panfish still the bomb.

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Extra Long Toenails Are the Latest Trend This Summer



Please see/read: https://www.thesandpaper.net/p/time-is-right-to-storm-trenton-as-pu...

While I take a beach badge angle there is a huge angling and buggying component to crafting stronger beach access rights. 

Related communique: 

Greg O'Connell I got invited to a DEP stakeholder meeting to help start framing new regulations now that they have a new shiny hammer in the recently passed legislation. Many towns and builder organizations are not happy and will be an admirable foe. But anglers and the public in general will be well represented in the room as well. Be curious to see where this goes.


Thursday, July 25, 2019: We’re embarking on yet another classic weekend. We’ve had a glorious load of them this spring and summer. Sure, we’ve had some ultra-crazed storms thrown in – and that recent bout of heat was to beat the band – but overall we’ve rocked when it comes to accommodating weekenders, including the now abundant “long” weekenders, who come late on Thursdays and stay until late Sunday.

Oddly gone is the once-norm long-weekend habit of coming Friday evening and staying through Monday. I’m betting that phased out due to the pressing need for nowadays businesses to crank things up quickly on moneymaking Mondays, while not minding if TGIFs trail off early, i.e. Thursday evenings. Online business is highly Monday oriented. Friday is the slowest day, more so than weekends.  

Fishing folks have taken to panfish like fish to water. Blowfishing continues to blow folks away. It seems (for the moment) that last week’s blistering skies did not drive the puffers out of the bay, though they are early migrators for a very obvious reason: It takes those swimming slowpokes forever to get back down south, as far as Florida in many cases. I’ll re-mention that almost all the blowfish are spawned out.

The surfside kingfish are keeping pace with the bayside blowfish. Though larger-than-ever beachgoing crowds have put a cramp in surfcasters going after these delicious gamefish, those going out early day and late afternoon are catching them with high regularity. Some anglers are mugging them to the tune of a dozen or more in short order. Carcasses now being used for crabbing.

I blogged a recent pic of a nice (released, I believe) weakfish taken locally. I purposely gave no indication the highly protected species is around in big numbers. I also wasn’t surprised when I got an email saying these summer bayside tenants have been all but absent in spots where spikes used to show in huge numbers right about now. Admittedly, nobody really goes the grass shrimp chumming route to target them, but, as this person pointed out, they should be showing in the chum slicks meant to blowfish. Yes they should be.

Weakfish is one hurting fishery. And I refuse to give up the notion that an overprotected striped bass biomass MIGHT be to blame. Stripers love weakfish above few other types of forage. That said, there’s no overlooking bayside water chemistry problems in spawn areas nor (dare I say it) oceanic warming as being a growing part of the problem. I’ve been told in the past that commercial shrimping has a huge impact on the lifecycles of weakfish, though shrimpers have said that’s crap. No easy answer to the egregious loss of a once plentiful gamefish.

A spike: 

Big rays still at play within casting distance of the beach, though more common further out a way. I’ve heard some being referred to as “manta rays” but I’m not so sure of that ID. Whatever, they’re in the mix -- and get mixed reviews as to whether they’re fun to hook into. I’m kind of a fan, committed to the notion that fishing is about hooking and fighting more than putting meat in the freezer. Spoken like a guy who allows commercial fishermen to keep my freezer full.

Note the darkness of mantas:

Cow-nosed rays coming and going. They will surely be the visual focus of many beachgoers this week with clean and warm water firmly in place.

Haven’t mentioned blues much since the smaller ones now being caught -- tiny snappers to one-pounders – aren’t a sure thing by any stretch. Also, folks seldom let on about nabbing them. They often get no respect that way. “What ya catch?” “Only a few bluefish.” “Too bad.”


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Jersey Shore Hurricane News
“We were sitting on our deck facing the ocean, and at 11 p.m., we saw the most amazing thing ever,” Sara Lang Feinstein in South Seaside Park said. “It was a bright white flash and then a yellow/green trail. It was right over the ocean and giant.”

In Barnegat Light, “Mike D,” who reported the event on the American Meteor Society website, said the fireball “lit up the whole beach.”

Jersey Hooker Outfitters
New state record trigger fish
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NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife
Kevin Cavanagh of Farmingdale made his way onto the state spearfishing record fish list recently by landing a new state record Gray Triggerfish on July 16!

Kevin was free diving off Monmouth Beach when he got the fish. Weighing 5 pounds, 5 ounces, it was 1.5 pounds more than the previous record! This new record Gray Triggerfish measured 22 inches in length and had a girth of 17.75 inches.

New Jersey State Record Fish Program:


Jim Hutchinson Sr.


The most striking aspect of the current fishing scene facing the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association is the wide variety of choices confronting them. Although fluke have begun their migration from the bay to the ocean, many remain in the bay waters. They are joined in the bay by hordes of blowfish, a few weakfish, and some triggerfish. In the inshore ocean waters, there are fluke and black sea bass around structure along with an assortment of fish being taken on the troll including bluefish, Spanish mackerel, and bonito. Offshore in the canyons there are tuna, mahi, and a few billfish. 

Congratulations to Captain Gary Dugan of the “Irish Jig” who recently took third place in the prestigious Sunshine Fluke Tournament out of Tuckerton. The total weight of Captain Gary’s two fish was 7.915-pounds in a field of 102 participating boats. 

Captain Ray Lopez has been finding fish in the bay, inshore ocean, and on out to the canyons. Earlier in the month he had a group of several anglers out to the canyons after yellowfin. It was a beautiful day with calm seas and clear water. The fish cooperated as they returned with 4 nice yellowfin. Other days on inshore fluke and sea bass trips anglers caught multiple keeper fluke to 23-inches, black sea bass, and ling. 

Just yesterday Captain Carl Sheppard and first mate Max had the Al Blumenfel party out for an action-packed day. The started wreck hopping and quickly limited out on black sea bass. They then trolled up 11 bluefish for dinner and released many more. One of the highlights of the day was a pod of bunker being corralled by a large whale and a school of manta rays. 

Captain Brett Taylor of “Reel Reaction” Sportfishing had a couple of excellent days in the bay this week. One fluke trip resulted in a total of 40 fluke with a pair of keepers. They had to release several that were about ¼ of an inch short. Another day Captain Brett anchored up for blowfish and his party managed a total of 221 blowfish for the table. It was a lot of cleaning fish, but plenty of good fish meals.

 Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at www.BHCFA.net.

Carolyn Ann iii
What a nice morning! Things calmed down from yesterday and the fish decided to bite! A nice boat for nice people! Come and join us!
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I bonded with this minuscule spider, almost too small to see ... but big on being a webmaster: 


Jay Mann
And the bartender said, "Ma'am, I was talking to the pig."



Jerry Postorino
Thata boy... very proud of ya!
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As seen in Maine - not by me. Tuna on bunker (aka Menhaden).


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