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Thursday, August 27, 2015: Another amazing day on LBI. The fishing is damn decent if the few reports I’m getting are true.

Desperate times call for desperate actions. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015: Another amazing day on LBI. The fishing is damn decent if the few reports I’m getting are true. “Had some of the best fluking all summer. Three keepers made it ideal. One trigger fish.”

I’ve gotten more fun reports about bay fishing for the small stuff, mainly from family guys getting in a few more with-the-kids days before school restarts. This is the latest in the year that Labor Day can fall – unless Global Warming changes things on the calendar. If you want to get some of that bay-top and bulkhead action, simply ask at your local tackle shop. I want to get down to shoot some pics at the Morrison’s bulkhead.

Quite a few folks heading out quite a way, either mid-way for cobia and mahi or all the way out to the canyons. Hudson is so packed that the ever-faithful Lindy is a good way to avoid the maddening offshore crowds.

Despite a decent start to the sharking season, fishing for gray suits has become real slow, both nearshore and out to where spinners blues and threshers roam. I had hoped to fish for predators down Holgate way, come next week. I even wired a conventional reel.

Update: The body that washed ashore in LBT on Tuesday was a suicide, not an accidental drowning or some other form of misadventure. I therefore will offer no more information (name, age) on the matter. Sincere condolences to friends and family. 

EMAIL ACTION: “Jay, we saw many dead sand fleas and crab parts on Brant Beach yesterday at the waves edge...do you think the dredge is killing all these small sea creatures?. Or, maybe warm ocean temps? Jack P.”

(Could be, Jack ... but that isn't happening at any of the other replenished beach sites. Are you sure they weren't sheds ... which look identical to the crabs themselves? We're approaching a full moon, i.e. shed time. I'll still give it a look.

By the by, one of the weird aftereffects of replenishment is an insane repopulating by sand crabs ... so many the sand moves under your feet. j–mann) 

Below: 1) A sand crab molt. 2) The real McCoys. 

 PERMIT BEGONE: I chatted with the LBT PD and they are fully aware of the decaying 2015 LBT beach buggy passes on our buggy widows. Mine is just a beached out ghost of what had been there, -- though, weirdly, the registration number is clear as can be.

Anyway, some folks with nicer buggies just don’t want that beat-up look prominently displayed on their side windows, so they’ve offed the permit, using a paint scraper. I’m about to do same, though my truck is anything but a looker. That’s how ugly these faded permits have become.

Per the PD, the paperwork that goes along with the permit is all you’ll need to drive the beach if your permit sticker is gone. If you’re like me, you just tossed that paperwork in the glove compartment, or that catch-all between the driver’s seat and the passenger side.

There may be replacement permits issued before year’s end. I’m not sure that’s needed, though it’ll be tough to know if a passing buggy is legally permitted or not – so we of an open-eye won't be able to detect who's proper and who ain't.

Below My permit as of today.



Steve George


Good times on the Fishtrap Daryl Janzer

Chris Potts's photo.
Its A Day Away, Tables Booking Fast
Polly's Dock's photo.

Amazon Prime Now Testing Meal Delivery

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Nation's Restaurant News] By Ron Ruggless - August 27, 2015 - 

Amazon.com Inc., the online shopping behemoth, is testing restaurant delivery through its Prime Now network in the company’s headquarters city of Seattle, according to a report.

“The company has been testing the service by allowing its own employees to order meals from restaurants in conjunction with the new Prime Now delivery service in Seattle, according to delivery drivers and others with knowledge of the initiative,” the GeekWire website reported Tuesday.

“Several new Prime Now drivers tell GeekWire they’re the same ones handling restaurant deliveries,” the report said. “A sign observed by GeekWire inside Amazon’s new Prime Now distribution facility, near Amazon’s sprawling headquarters campus north of downtown Seattle, even offered instructions to drivers on how exactly to make restaurant pickups.”

Nation’s Restaurant News emailed inquiries to Amazon’s public relations office, which were not answered by press time.

Delivery has drawn much attention, as restaurant brands seek new avenues to meet consumer demands.

On Tuesday, Atlanta-based Focus Brands Inc. said it was partnering with San Francisco-based Postmates to roll out on-demand delivery for all six of its foodservice chains, including Auntie Anne's, Carvel, Cinnabon, McAlister's Deli, Moe's Southwest Grill and Schlotzsky's.

Postmates, a four-year-old delivery service, has signed such other large chains as Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., McDonald’s Corp. and Starbucks Corp., and offers delivery in less than 60 minutes in designated markets.

In May, Yum! Brands Inc. CEO Greg Creed told analysts that its Taco Bell and KFC brands would test delivery, and Pizza Hut was working on a “next generation” delivery program.

To meet the demand for third-party delivery, companies as varied as DoorDash, Caviar, Groupon to Go, GrubHub and Peach, have created or expanded services to include restaurant meals.

Late last year, Amazon began testing restaurant takeout orders, offering a dedicated website in the Seattle area.

The latest test layers delivery onto the Amazon Prime Now service, which was introduced in December in Manhattan and offers one-hour delivery on thousands of daily essentials through a mobile app.

“Prime Now is powered by Amazon’s growing network of fulfillment centers that utilize high-end technology to speed up order delivery times for customers,” the company said with that launch. “Now, Prime members can get products like paper towels, shampoo, books, toys and batteries delivered right to their door in an hour or less.”

Amazon said the Prime Now app made deliveries available from 6 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week. Two-hour delivery is free and one-hour delivery is available for $7.99.

GeekWire reported that Amazon has been testing Prime Now restaurant deliveries with its own employees.

“When GeekWire spoke with a local eatery that’s participating in Amazon’s delivery experiment, we were told the service is only for Amazon employees right now but may be available more broadly later,” GeekWire reported. “That restaurant said it had only handled one order so far, so its own employees weren’t quite sure how it works.”

Amazon has already initiated the delivery of wine, beer and liquor in Seattle through Prime Now, the website InvestCorrectly noted.

Amazon Prime is an annual membership program priced at $99 a year that offers customers unlimited free two-day shipping on many items as well as access to streaming movies, TV episodes and music.


We talked about long NS Black Hole Challenger Bank rods for tuna jigging. But trend is short jigging rods for tuna, especially on small boats.
Here are pictures of tuna caught short NS Black Hole Cape Cod Special jigging rods from 150g to 450g. Do you think you can find stronger rods than BH Cape Cod Special jigging rods ? smile emoticon

Kil Song's photo.
Kil Song's photo.
Kil Song's photo.
Kil Song's photo.
Kil Song's photo.

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