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Thursday, August 06, 2015: Great day on the beach, thanks to light (for now) and refreshing onshore wind

 "Don't you even think about it, Mister ..."

Thursday, August 06, 2015: Great day on the beach, thanks to light (for now) and refreshing onshore winds and very warm water. Also, the scalding sun of recent days has taken on a friendlier feel.

It's a good day to eat rugosa rose hips ... See  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9kM7LMN88Y

As we speed through the first week of August, it has been a very decent summer. We’ve had a couple quick storms but those are part of any summer. In fact, overall, we’ve been low on the lousy weather days. Even with the next few days throwing in a stint of honkin’ nor’easterlies, we’re sidestepping what could have been a crankin’ nor’easter had two storm systems combined. Not only didn’t they combine but they actually split in such a way that heavy rains will pass to out west and to our south. We will likely salvage a decent weekend, especially Sunday.


Jim Hutchinson Jr.

Doormats are in close to inshore structure, time to break out the bucktails & jigs to get 'em up and out there! Strange catch a few miles off South Jersey this week too, as black drum are taking jigs (and 200-pound bigeye too!) The weekend forecast for the NJ/DE Bay region has been posted - catch 'em up this weekend!

August 6, 2015, New Jersey/Delaware Bay Fishing Report with Jim Hutchinson, Jr. Where to black drum go when they leave our local bays? As 



Some days you eat the bear ..some days the ... . (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I hear there is some good crabbing going on. Of course, for some folks, it's not the number of the blue claws that you catch but targeting that one special crab ... 


I’m getting an unusually high number of reports about bunkies (peanut bunker) in both the bay and backbay. Some deep-in lagoons are seeing them like never before, especially up Forked River way. I think a big part of those observations has to do with the bunkies surfacing to feed on the layer of algae and plankton on the surface – not “gasping for air” as one fellow suggested.

Most folks know, but it’s worth repeating, these baby bunker can be netted for immediate use but are so full of algae and other organic materials they cannot be store, even overnight in most cases.  In fact, if using them for chum offshore, I’d be just inclined to quickly freeze them after netting, then thaw on the way out.

From the hatch ...


Here' a video look at some of my Holgate and "replenishment" jewelry. (Above: Anglers will recognize what I use as bails for the pendants to hang from.)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-aRUXKfTzc


For the past 11 years, during the summer, I’ve been doing daily LBI wave and rip current reports for the Weather Service. I’ve also become an observer, year ‘round. To its credit, the Weather Service is very interested in observational reports. That’s why I’d like to invite one and all o contact me about any weather happenings you’re experiencing. Facebook, email (jmann99@hotmail.com) or, in a drastic situation, cellphone (email me and I’ll send my number to you) are all good ways to reach me with info. I can quickly get word to Mount Holly, home to our local NWS branch. I’m hideous at checking my text messages; great with phone messages. 

Below: Here's my favorite Ship Bottom sudden-storm vid ...


At the video begins, make sure to click on the little gear on the bottom of the screen and up the "Quality" to "720p HD." 


There's likely a life lesson here somewhere ... 


Hey, at least he's catching stripers ... 

With my son killing it so much fun


Alex Field with Dante Soriente and 3 others

Mike Basnite
CrazyAlberto Knie...this is as close as I can get to your "Hot Mullet" pattern until I get a few more supplies in 
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Alex Field's photo.

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