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Sunday, November 14, 2010:

Action alert: There is some hot snag-and-drop boat and beach action, South End LBI. Bunker are flush against the beach, with fish to 25 pounds (possibly bigger) hounding the baitballs as they move south. Obviously, this can be a fast flurry – or repeatedly come and go for many hours. It can also be a sign of more such beach blitzes coming, as west winds calms the ocean, causing baitballs to form – then get chased onto sand by blues and bass. Folks using chunk baits in the wake of blitzes are also doing well hooking up with nice-sized “pickers,” i.e. bass that aren’t into wild and wooly baitball attacking, preferring to hang on the bottom picking up the scraps. The largest of bass are often leisurely pickers. Those same pickers are also inclined to wait for the harried action to move on so they can snipe any wounded bunker flailing away on the surface. Importantly, jumbo bass are also prone to come very close to the beach to snipe any bunker that had beached themselves and flapped back into the swash.

I’m told the drive onto Holgate is a breeze with the fill in and lower tides from the west winds.

More later.

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