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Sunday, September 16, 2018: Holgate fully open again. The winds have backed off enough to allow for some September surfcasting ...

Simply turn your head away and everything will be fine, Bubba ... 

Guy almost hit by flying shrapnel from exploding car

"Here's the beauty of our escape-proof cages ..."

Cute baby rhino escapes from stable


The new Causeway Bridge will have a biking lane ... 

Bike on a bridge

Sunday, September 16, 2018: The winds have backed off enough to allow for some September surfcasting. Rock fishing around Barnegat Inlet is quite doable, as a goodly load of anglers know. Catching though is slow.

North Carolina folks who came up here to wait out Flo are wondering how things can be so gorgeous up here and so awful back home. We're really not all that far north, as the plover flies. As of today, authorities in the Tar Heel State are still discouraging residents from heading home. We all know how intensely hard that waiting game can be. In fact, I was reading one of the main reasons hangers-on didn't evacuate was the fear of not being allowed back quickly enough. Much like Sandy, Flo is a flood event -- and still on the move. Her remnant could last for days to come.

As for us, the very minor trickle up effect comes in the form of continuing onshore winds from the north and east. In fact, we could see another pulse of harder winds this coming week. Overall, the onshores did not pan out as hard as first expected, due to the storm's staying-put-in-NC nature. 

WET A LINE: Thinking surfcasting, if you’re throwing into the right slew, you might hit on some very large kingfish schools, meaning plenty of take-home meat via jumbo-sized models, like those being taken down Holgate way (front beach). As is always the case with kingfish, they present a highly hit-or-miss bite due to their compacted schools, which are always on a methodical move.

Bloodworms work best at bait, though many folks swear by fake-o worms. Small colorful floats seem to improve chances. 

There is also a fine showing of blowfish if you you can get chum to slowly drift. It's essential to putter around, testing assorted waters. Such searching does take more doing when fishing chum. Nonetheless, it seems to help to fish where the fish are at. Imagine that.  

Greg Kopenhaver

Blowfish are back!
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HOLGATE HAPPENINGS: Holgate beachfront all the way around to the back-cut is open to buggies and beachgoers. Keep in mind that sunny weekends usually mean the back cut is dominated by beach-anchored boat people. Hey, they have a right to be there, too -- though they can sometimes get sorta assertive about the sand on which the sit, eat and drink heartily. I take even the aggressive ones with a grain of salt – and, when suited, a friendly hello or two.

Birding has been a tad boring on the far south end. I did come across a very docile peregrine, who let me get very close for a photo. Oddly, another birder who saw the falcon and was moving in from quite a distance away wasn’t allowed to get within 50 yards of the raptor before it bolted skyward. I sometime think these birds recognize certain humans, year to year. A falcon can see the eye-color of a human … at a football field away. It could easily perform facial recognition.

"Hey, Jay, good to see ya again." 

I had taken a dramatic shot of this same bird last year, around now. In all my photos, it had an amazing aura around it. I kid you not; almost like a hazy veil of light. Quite odd since other birds I photographed that day, some very nearby, had no such aura.  

Here's a quick video look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cZnmwRJv9A



It looks like the ocean is going to be "CLOSED" for a stretch with all of the impending storms and the swells they will produce for a while. No worries! There's still fish to catch. Blowfish are here in good numbers. Lots of small ones but a good amount of "whales" in the mix. Sure they won't dump any line off of your reel but they are delicious and it never gets old watching them blow up. We all say we're going for the kids but the truth is if you want to recapture some of your youth, rub a blowfish belly until he fully inflates and it will transport you there. This is really Plan B as we are going to start fishing with live grass shrimp starting ASAP. There are some weakfish in the bay and live shrimp and/or shedder crabs are the bait to use for weakies, kingfish, and about a dozen other species that you might encounter using these gourmet baits. We keep the tackle light, 6 and 10 pound spinning tackle.
Sailing Open Boat or Charter Monday, Sept 17, 7AM to 1PM, $150 person, 4 people max. Also, Wed and Thurs, Sept 19 and 20, 11AM to 5PM.
Pics: Capt Dave DeGennaro, Geri DeGennaro, and Pete Bonnaci of Roselle Park, NJ all with recent obligatory puffy face blowfish pics.
Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
732.330.5674 cell

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