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Sunday Oct. 16, 2011:

Seemed a whole lot like fall along the beachfront today. I pretty much drove the whole Surf City to Holgate beach-top route and there were casters spread evenly along the entire way. Even though it was a weekend, it looks like autumnal fishing is trying to reach normal levels. 

As for the catching, I wasn't being overly chatty since there were a tad too many folks to nonchalantly stop and chat. The few stops I made told of small blues but also a couple just-keeper bass. Seems clams are interesting the smaller bass. I plugged and the only action I got was bluesy. I will note that one popper that seems to be reigning supreme (for me) is Creek Chub, mirror.

The big sailboat has been freed from its unscheduled stop on the sands of Holgate.  Seems a big digging tool created a hole big enough to refloat the vessel. 

Bird play is picking up just off LBI beaches, due mostly to the dying winds and cleaning water. Water temps are hanging around 60. It's hard to tell what the birds are picking but it seems like rainfish, based on the size of the diving birds.

Mullet run in on the skids, though big schools are still being seen up at Island Beach. Per usual, those schools of forage fish sometimes never pass here, not sure why but it's a famed mystery. 



Pro report: Hello All,

Fall striper fishing is definitely underway, although the weather this week made it difficult to get out to take advantage of it. Early in the week I had Tim Rutecki in from Phoenixville, PA with 12 year olds Michael and Liam taking their first saltwater fishing expedition on Columbus Day. Beautiful conditions produced eight bass from the back bay, topped by Michael's 36" lady, before running out front turned up blues and weakfish to complete their inshore slams. Today I had George Selph back, fishing in some rather "sporty" inlet conditions but banging a couple of nice bass to around 35". Live spot has been the bait of choice thus far in the bay, but there are plenty of schools of large bunker cruising the beach right now so a variety of other approaches should work out front.  Fall's here, the fishing has started, and it should only get better from here.

Until next week..

Capt. Jack Shea
Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters



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