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Sunday, November 26, 2017: Very nice though a bit chilly but not all that bad ... Snowies on the way?

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 Cat be like ... "Oh s***, it's still alive!" 

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Reposting: This is NOT Photoshopped ... That tongue louse came hauling ass out of the bass ... abandoning ship, as it were. 

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(Soon to come?????????????? Or, might they already be in our midst?) 

Sunday, November 26, 2017: Very nice though a bit chilly but not all that bad … if well bundled on the beach. As to boating, well, there’s the wind rub. I see where it had been dang decent fishing for mainly small bass but a few real nice take-home fish mixed in. Not sure when the winds will be workable but we’re going into a mild phase that could approach record-breaking mildness. Out West, they’re already shattering all-time high temps, though that grade of mildness will be thwarted by a dip in the jet stream holding those hots at bay … to some degree. We will get into the 60s for a day.


To be sure, that wing’s worth of warmth shouldn’t be enough to stave off an projected in-flux of snowy owls. I’m hearing they are showing to our north … in droves. I guess you can call them droves. They’re definitely not flocks, per se. Snowies don’t like one and other one feathery iota.

During the last outbreak of owls on LBI, I’d watch them expending way too much energy dive bombing each other in a show of superior air power. Of course, they weren’t as cocky about their land-based fighting abilities -- never quite willing to go talon-on-talon with one and other on the sand. That’s how you lose an eye.

The first owl arrivals hereabouts have nature photographers warning the hoi polloi -- and their cellphone photo-shooting devices -- to give the comely birds loads of leeway. “Don’t bug the birds, dude!”

I agree … but not nearly as much. Those buggers know how to take flight when the pressing need befalls them, via advancing and invasive humans. In this day and age, the sooner any species adjusts to humanity, the quicker they take the right track to long-term survival. Modify and adapt to humanity and life is good. We’re just that powerful a factor.

I like the way folks of a nature-loving feather marvel over this land-based great white. The apperception elation is a bit akin to the liking mankind has taken to dolphins, whales and such. It leads to a highly protective, even brotherly mindset, which can then extend to all things wild and natural. The last irruption of owls brought more folks into the birdwatching fold than we have seen locally. Sorry to be trite but: It’s all good.

(Below: Last irruption. My shot, Holgate)

Should a snowy showing show, you might want to lend an eye to my blog (www.fishlbi.com) to see where LBI owls are a-roost. I encourage a controlled rush-in for selfies. However, rushing should be just far enough to go all gaga over the perched beauties, snapping shots to gagaify Facebook.  

Gospel truth: The last outburst of owls along the entire eastern seaboard and even over to Bermuda, led to massive efforts to conserve lemmings in the Great White North; lemmings being the high-impact foodstuff of owls. Again, it’s good to be on the good side of humans.

All that said, we won’t know for at least a couple weeks if a full-fledged snowy owl invasion is taking place. For me, it’s the fun of doing Holgate look-abouts that can make the cold season warmer at heart. 


(Ship Bottom seems hot for Bob. Jump on in. There's plenty of room. I've been driving around and even though anglers are spread out it might be the biggest showing of the season. .


(Barnegat.) Our region's amazing cadre of bird photographers are oft into prettier birds. I find a certain evangelical charm in these not-so-comely ones -- about to roost for the night ... after saying their bedtime prayers, of course. My shot. 

Margaret HartwellAmen. Birds of "prey?"


Is another historic snowy owl invasion about to begin?

Will winter 2017-18 be a repeat of 2013-14, when historic numbers of snowy owls irrupted from their home in the Arctic south into Pennsylvania and other states?

Pennsylvania and other northern states could be in the path of another big influx of snowy owls from the tundra of the Arctic again this winter.

Indications are building that many of the large owls, referred to by the code SNOW by licensed bird-banders, according to Project SNOWstorm, a snowy owl-tracking organization run in part through the Millersburg-based Ned Smith Center of Nature and Art.

The same four-year, boom cycle of lemmings - preferred prey of the owls - and snowy owls in northern Quebec that preceded the 2013-14 mass irruption of snowy owls south into the U.S. It was an irruption of snowy owls beyond any witnessed since the 1920s, or maybe the 1890s,

And, just as in 2013-14, many snowy owls have already turned up this year in the Northeast and Upper Midwest. A few have been confirmed in Pennsylvania. According to Scott Weidensaul, one of the directors of Project SNOWstorm, in the past few days there's been an unconfirmed sighting reported in Dauphin County.

While an irruption appears imminent, Weidensaul is not yet ready to forecast anything on par with 2013-14, when about 400 snowy owls showed up in Pennsylvania, an epic increase over the 10 or so that visit the state most winters.


A Cricket rescues a huge turtle ... 

Here is the leatherback turtle that Cricket McGehee lifted out of the bay yesterday. It was very lethargic (AND heavy). They called Marine Mammal Stranding and they took the turtle, about 3 feet long, and said it would be OK, it was trapped in the water which quickly turned cold before it could migrate south. They will transfer it to South Carolina. The "waist" -- the indentation in the shell -- might have been caused by something wrapped around the shell, when the turtle was smaller,but that snapped off as the shell grew.


Early morning bass, breakfast with the family and in-laws at Scojos, and all in time to watch the Eagles win again. Good day!!
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Greg Kopenhaver added 2 photos and a video — with Lori Fillar Kopenhaver.
2 hrs

G got a nice one today...and I got our Christmas card picture!

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MOJOS word on the street they been on fire. Was sent a few dozen pics last 2 days get your self a few!!
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Boys caught some stripers today.
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Two striped bass today 40 and 36 (inches) 

Nice one from today! Epic feeds....until the party came crashing down! Nice to see some quality fish blasting bunkers north of home still
I had return clients Dave Colwell, Scott Dean, and Micheal V. of Cherry Hill on a Striped Bass charter. We started working close to the beach with some scattered bird action drifting live bait, but had no takers. Next, we headed to deeper water and trolled Maja’s for a good portion of the trip with not-a-touch. It was a slower bite with only a few boats hooking up. With only a little time left in the trip, we worked the inlet to play catch-n-release with some Striped Bass to 22.5 inches. It was a very tough day in terms of bites.

The following day, I had return clients Mike Galindo, his two son’s Bennet & Mason, and family fried Tom DiNapoli on a Striped Bass charter. We headed right on the troll and found some life within 15 minutes of pulling Maja Spoons. The crew went 5 for 9 boxing 4 Stripers to 25 pounds and releasing a 14 pound Bluefish. Mason caught the biggest Striper of the day in tough conditions with the Striper on top heading towards the boat. With sore arms he stayed tight to the fish, boating a solid bass close to 40in weighing 25lbs. Great job!!

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