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10 p.m. Sunday 


The photo shows why it might still be a longish time before folks are allowed back on the Island. 


I'm in Ship Bottom and the beach is in fine shape. Not even dune fence loss. Unimaginable. Even newspaper boxes weren't blown over. Impossible. 


I refuse to go as far as saying Irene was a turkey -- and I fully agree with the need to evacuate. Sufficed to say that something very un-hurricane-ish occurred. Maybe all our churchgoing paid off. It might simply be that we dodged a bullet, as she lost so much of her steam to the south.


Which brings me to my decision to stay. This is maybe my fourth NJ hurricane and countless nor'easters. Per usual, I waited until a final read could be made on the arriving storm. I, along with a number of other stayers, saw something odd happening to the 'cane as it made landfall in North Carolina. It began losing it's contained circulation. Huge dry lines were forming and, eventually, an entire section of circulation went missing. That is always a sign of decay, though not necessarily to the point of dropping the storm below a "hurricane" rating. It simply told me it had lost its potential "epic" rating.

My staying was an educated reading on the storm not an arrogant "I ain't goin' nowhere" attitude, like I used to use back in the day.

And just to show how tricky such a read can be, there is strong evidence that a tornado was either low-aloft or touched down in the exact vicinity of the very building I was confidently residing within.  I went with an educated guess and the storm, maybe as a friendly reminder, threw a curve that could have taken me out. It's yet more data to deal with when the next biggy comes along. 



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