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Sunday may 22, 2011 -- important rally to save beach access

Sunday, May 22, 2011: The planet didn’t end yesterday, as nearly as I can figure. Hope you hadn’t maxxed out your credit cards thinking doomsday was imminent, per goofball prune-brained false prophet Harold Camping.


How about those stripers off the north end of LBI? We’re talking bass to 45 pounds. One vessel had three over 40, another two over 40. Here’s a related relay from Capt. Bill:

“Hi jay. Had the Morgan charter party out yesterday trolling along the beach. We caught 5 stripers, biggest 35# smallest 26#.  Capt. Bill, REEL TROUBLE CHARTER FISHING.”


It might seem that I often promote charter and headboat fishing – and I sorta do – but one of the surest and fastest ways to get to the fish is via the pros. Even if you just go out with them to learn the ropes -- for taking out your own Evinrude  --  it’s well worth it. And for you charters and headboats, make sure to get me reports. I love using them. However, I don’t have the time to visit websites to check on how each vessel did.


There were a couple fish bumping onto the Simply Bassin’ surf fishing leaderboard. The largest surf fish I heard of – 30-something-pounds – was a non-entrant – who was meaning to sign up. 


I was shocked and sorely saddened to hear of the sudden passing of hardcore surf angler and dentist extraordinaire Bob Turanski. He was not only a staunch supporter of my website but he and I had fished together on many occasions. Brutal.




Governor Christie is trying an end-around the state’s constitution, regarding beach access and public domain. He hopes to allow separate municipalities to decide beach access. It will endanger not only beach access to Holgate but also  to every beach on LBI. Up to now, the thought-powerful state constitution has followed public access rights dating back to roman times. Now out chubbily Romanesque Guv believes his thinking transcends the ages. My ass.


There is a rally to contact legislators – though that might fall on deaf ears for coastal politicos. Below is the form to be emailed or snail mailed to local assemblypersons and senators.  


More important;ly, there is a local meeting – sun by the state – taking palce

Thursday, June 2nd 2011, 7PM --  Long Beach Township Court Room (same as Council Chambers) --
6805 Long Beach Boulevard, Brant Beach, NJ 08008.


This is one meeting you should attend if you hope to fight oceanfront homeowner still posturing to keep the public off their beaches.


Form letter:

I am contacting you to voice my strong opposition to the new proposed New Jersey Beach Access Rules.

Please do not allow the new proposed beach access regulations to be adopted.
Please do not allow the state of New Jersey to remove the references to the Public Trust Doctrine from state rules.
Please do not allow public tax dollars to be spent to replenish beaches unless full 24/7 access AND PARKING are provided for those beaches.

We have fought and won many battles, both legal and political, to have what access we have now. Our state government is now attempting to erase many years of work with a single stroke of the pen.

There are 250+ municipalities that have waterfront access to tidal waters.
Each and every one of them will be given the opportunity to write their own individual Municipal Access Plan. They will be given the authority and police powers to enforce where and when the public will have access to tidal waters within their municipality. Many of these town have in the past showed their unwillingness to allow public access.
The State of New Jersey will no longer be the advocate for the public access rights that belong to us all.
The NJDEP is relinquishing its responsibility as the trustee of the Public Trust Doctrine to protect these rights.

This is a formula for abuse, the fox guarding the hen house.

As a registered voter in the State of New Jersey I pledge to be at the polls for the next few years worth of election cycles to vote against any politician who backs these new rules.


Phone #

Find your local legislator here
Out of state guys pick the town you fish most often.
NJ residents – It does NOT matter if your hometown has waterfront or not – your legislator will have a voice in it, send the letter
http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/members/legsearch.asp]New Jersey Legislature – Find Your Legislator

Our Governor doesn’t make it that easy
The only way to send him a message is through his website
http://www.state.nj.us/governor/contact/]Office of the Governor | Contact Us
Topic 1 – click on ENVIRONMENT
Topic 2 – Click on OPEN SPACE
Fill in your information then paste the letter into the space for message

Send the message to Frank Lautenberg here:
http://lautenberg.senate.gov/contact/index1.cfm]Senator Frank R. Lautenberg

To Congressman Pallone here:
Janice is in charge of briefing the congressman on current issues



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