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Sunday Janaury 11, 08 -- The frigidty is coming

No way I'd get very pissed if this was my girlfriend. Sunday, January 11, 2009: We sidestepped another snow bullet but there is absolutely no running from the tidal wave of frigidity that’ll hit late this coming week. Personally, I don’t care if I ever ice fish again. However, there are long-term lookers who think the upcoming freeze might go yard on places like Collins Cove. Bite your frost-bitten tongues. Hell, the days are getting longer. Can spring be far behind. Actually, that longer day thing does have an ameliorating impact on deep freezes. The longer the sun hangs out, the more it sucks the life out of ice cover. Yes, I’m grabbing for straws here – straws sticking out of frozen daiquiris. I should re-note (since I also oft write about this), that a winter total cool down of the bay (marked by freezes and near freezes) is apparently very good for the ecosystem, especially crab populations. I know that seems odd – the idea of bitter cold water helping crabs, which can die when exposed to frigidity. What happens are harmful bacteria freeze to death. Unfortunately, even the coldest of water can’t squelch deadly nitrogen problems. That deadly problem is only destined to get worse, possible catastrophically so. Last night, I attended an ALO meeting – the newer stronger ALO. One of the main aims of the group’s “Issues Committee” will be to see what on Earth can be done to stop the moronic over-nutrifiying of the bay via lawn fertilizers and such, leading to deadly blooms of algae related to too much nitrogen. ALO is also looking for new Board of Trustee member, especially a couple folks close to the fishing realm. We meet about every six week, though committees meet one time outside the main meeting. On the fishing front, all the off-season chatter is understandably on that angler census thing, i.e. saltwater fishing license. As I oft note, it’s gonna happen no matter how long you threaten to hold your breath. The big move now is to cleverly by time by first allowing the feds to make the move – for free until 2011, then study other states to see which registry program has the least negative impact on anglers. I truthfully can’t see a registry having no down sides. Any up side would be some funding for state angling programs and enforcement. What’s more, a registry will surely give a better read on what we’re catching. Hey, to this point all these stories of millions of stripers and fluke fall on deaf ears. Had all those verbal reports been part of an acceptable (quasi-scientific) study, some serious attention would be paid – and, potentially, regulatory changes for the better. Here’s an ideal winter read, sent in by my web buddy Brian, Forked River. (((((((((((((())))))))))))) Hey Jay. Just read your latest article. Good read (low tides) and you're probably right. But, these recent west winds have been blowing hard for quite a while. Tried to get my friend's boat out a week ago and we sat around staring at the water, waiting for it to come up. Only a couple inches of water under the boat, so that obviously wouldn't work. We lived to fight another day and finally got it out the other day when those easts blew some water back inside. I'm not sure if I emailed you about this but I wanted to share this with you. With the ever increasing regs on fluke and other species, I've become an avid garbage fisherman, seriously. So, this year we want to promote and foster the awareness of viability of Garbage Fish as table fare. How am I going to do that? Garbagefish.com I've had a ton of high quality marine flags printed up with some artwork I designed and we have shirts and stickers. I'm hitting the fleamarkets and will push it online - as well as promote it with some traditional print advertising in places like NJangler - SandPaper and such. I think it will be a wash or maybe a break even type venture - who knows? Maybe it will pay for bait? But most importantly, if I can move some flags and shirts and get a buzz going about it, I think we can help to balance out the imbalance in species populations. By taking a big bird or a skate for the dinner table, that's one less bottom dwellar eating baby fluke. It's a long shot, but I thought you might find it interesting. Forked River Brian garbagefish.com ((((((((((((((((())))))))))))

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Comment by Muscles Marinara on January 11, 2009 at 8:18pm
Hey Forked River Brian, there's no contact info on your website. What is your email address?


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