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Sunday, February 07, 2016: My new motto for winter on LBI: If you don’t like the weather, wait a day … it’ll get even worse.

Below: This photo of an insane Alessa Quizon is NOT Photoshopped ... And, yes, she is smiling -- and pointing at -- the camera.  

Here's some plunge fun ...


Ans before the plunge: 


Sunday, February 07, 2016:  My new motto for winter on LBI: If you don’t like the weather, wait a day … it’ll get even worse.

I know we had that nice December but that was yesterday … and yesterday’s gone. Raise your hand if you’re a Boomer and recall that Chad and Jeremy song. Lord that seems like an eternity ago. 

Anyway, this coming week is toying with becoming a blustery ball-banger, though we will likely sidestep a seriously snowy event. The winds will be SCA but nearly a-gale not that far out at sea.

As for stormage, we’ll again be right on the snow/rain line – so much so it could literally be switching back and forth for a 48 period.

However, by late-week, there is an unavoidable batch of frigidity that could slide in for a short but pipe-challenging stay.

You might have seen where areas of northern Florida might go from 80s to snow flurries. Be it Nino or unluck of the draw, the southeast has been getting a worse thumping from cold fronts and forming storms than us … relatively speaking. Not long ago, we had the exact same high daytime temperatures as Florida. Well, for you snowbirds who check in here, the heat will be coming back to you by spring ... with a vengeance. In fact, they’re going to be sucking scalding hot air and praying for rainfall this summer.

Back to us, the Island’s reformed beaches – after Jonas – are being overwashed by astronomically high tides (5.6 ft. to 5.8 ft. though Tuesday.) Add nor’easter effects and it’s gonna be an overwash mess out there. This is not to say the arriving storm is anything more than a fast-moving, moderate-at-worst storm. The problem the beaches are still not even remotely settled in after Jonas. The up side will again be the fact the currents will be out of the northeast, meaning a rapid sand reshow, post-blow. Then, by week’s end – and frigidity to freeze the balls off the band -- offshore winds will be honking for a prolonged period, hopefully allowing the beaches to solidify, so to speak.

Ship Bottom ... 

For Holgate cliff dwellers, I wouldn’t overly worry about this system, though you’ll see that mechanically-placed dune sand go asunder. Oh, will Great Lakes get even some glares and snares when they return … if they do come back. I hear they’re going to demand risk pay … 


Whew, for a minute I thought that might he might be using performance-enhancing drugs.


Check out Kevin Knutsen's "Birds 2016" at ....


Jay Mann 

After chasing away a couple turkey buzzards on Route 9, this hawk is trying to time passing cars to rush over and grab po' Pogo Po.

Jay Mann's photo.
Jay Mann's photo.

Below: Artists angler Tracie Lynn Scherer

And some of her side-plate art for Penn reels


You know the way fishermen start to look a little like their fishes after awhile? 


Keith Thomas

Black Talon Plugs
I'll have a handful of these pikies also for the upcoming shows this year. 

Very hard to get the pic to capture the effect with the paint. 
Not the easiest plug to paint.

Keith Thomas's photo.
Keith Thomas's photo.
Keith Thomas's photo.

Tiny Mite Killing Millions of Honeybees: Photos


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Comment by Dave Nederostek on February 8, 2016 at 6:32pm

Kevin's wildlife photography is magnificent.


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