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Sunday, February 01, 2015: Ocean is clean and calm .. highly plungeable ... plunge videos included.

Why cats hate toast ... 

Sunday, February 01, 2015: Ocean is clean and calm .. highly plungeable ... 

It's a perfect day to watch a large gathering of crazies momentarily strip down and immerse themselves in a 34-degree ocean. At 1 p.m. today, the annual St. Francis Super Plunge will take place at the ocean end of 47th Street in Brant Beach. Go egg them on. Better yet, prove that you're plunge-worthy. All are welcome. I would but someone has to take videos. Drat my luck. 

Below: Post-plunge. Check out fun vids of the action before, during and after over 200 people (registration number) hit the water.




Saw Renee, Pat and Bruce Hoagland -- of the famed “Bruce and Pat’s Bait and Tackle” shop -- during the Super Plunge.  The clan has weathered Bruce’s health trials and is rockin’ it, as always. Bruce is even back to making his famed rigs. I’ve been part of that family for a long time. 


Below: April, 2012, Brant Beach ... This area won't be included in upcoming replen ... Neither will Harvey Cedars or most of Surf City. SC will have a few streets on the north end of town replenished.  

I did a beach ride from Surf City to Beach Haven and it’s amazing how much beach sand is showing on the northern half of that zone. Even the southern half isn’t as bad as it had been in recent years. That is surely the littoral trickledown effect of sand from the beach replenishments in HC, SC (2) and Brant Beach. I’ve had some experts agree that LBI probably could be kept in sufficient beachfront sand by regularly replenishing just a few strategically-located beaches. It wouldn’t even need to b entire towns. However, the folks on those “strategically-located beaches” might get a bit snitty.


"Blacklist" season premiere is tonight ... I especially like Reddington's slogan ...

Maybe Zoe will be back, played by Scottie Thompson ... ouch


This is a test ... actually used by doctors ... 

If you have normal vision and see Albert, look at the photo out of the side of your eyes to see Marilyn. 


Redneck tries some foreplay with a carp ...


Listen to the drag screaming as this guy hooks up with a very large bald eagle.  



Dogs get into some catfishing ... 




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Comment by Dave Nederostek on February 1, 2015 at 9:18pm

" Highly plungeable"  . Lol.  And no one went under.


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