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Sunday, December 23, 2012: Gotta light it up a bit; small bass in the suds; new detector is far from a turkey

Above: See turkey visit below. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012: Trying my hardest to get into both the Christmas and vacation spirit. Maybe not trying hard enough. It just doesn't feel all that holidayish out there just yet, even though the calendar guarantees the date is correct.

I have to admit I haven’t got a single holiday light aglow on the homefront. I’ll plug something in tomorrow. More symbolic than eye catching.

Hope all y’all have found the spirit button, especially those of you with young’uns. Christmas truly is for kids so put all that grownup angst in the demo-ed basement, sip some eggnog and turn it up a notch. Below: baby's first furry Christmas. Looks like she/he's liking it. 

Stopped by the mid-Island beach midday and checked on some diehard surfcasters -- who didn’t have much to show when I was there. It was still brisk out there, even though the sun was trying to make a day of it. I came across this FB report via Fisherman's HDQ:  

Jean Derry : Two for the price of ONE
No keepers but sure had FUN!
Merry Christmas to All!!
Two for the price of ONE No keepers but sure had FUN! Merry Christmas to All!!

I opted to make a run to try a new state-of-the-art metal detector I just got in. It’s a Fisher F75, limited.

I went nearby (Stafford) and before I could even fire up the somewhat complex machine, I was visited by a gaggle of fearless turkeys. Utterly weird.

After futzing around with a slew of computerized settings, I metal detected a very old (late-1700s to mid-1800s) s) site I thought was pretty much cleaned out by me – after dozens of hunts done there. I even bought along some items to bury – tp test the machine. No need.

Shine on all you advances in detectors. In under an hour, I found 18 artifacts, mainly small to near miniature buttons, including one military button that might be War of 1812 time frame. This was a stunner since this was right where I had hunted with a fine tooth comb. I haven’t cleaned up the finds but I’ll get a photo or a short video in here soon.

I bring this treasure hunting up because of the high number of y’all who have detectors, are thinking about buying one or just like treasure tales.  

Below: Just part of the computerized settings. 



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