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Sunday, December 04, 2011:

Great day except for productive fishing along the beach. However, there was yet another invasion-looking flotilla off Brant Beach, Lumps area.  Rough count had 75 vessels related to that zone. Have to think they were onto something.

The 2011 Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic is over. It was simply super when considering how competitive the contest was on a daily basis. Admittedly, there was a semi-dramatic lack of jumbo fish but this event goes to the largest among those being caught. Epic doesn’t enter into it, just which fish can inch out the others being entered.  

It might be asked why there were so few 30s, 40s even 50s on the Classic’s bass front. It seemed the biggest and badest bass might have gone off with the fast moving big bunker pods, which split about 8 weeks ago, marked by the event’s largest bass entry being taken merely hours (Minutes? Seconds?)  into the contest. The thing is a super decent striper showing, 381 (unofficial count), made it the most bass active Classic since 2003. Yes, some of those previous Classics were six weeks long, but even adjusting for that, it hadn’t been so bassy since ’03.

The Classic’s 177 bluefish count (unofficial) was relatively abysmal – relative to 2005, when 692 were weighed in. Still, it’s a few more blues than were entered last year.

By the by, It’s never advisable to take guesses at the bluefish biomass. The species is beyond cyclical, i.e. unpredictable. You just go with the bluefish flow. Should things turn off for a decade or so, maybe a look-see is in order. However, there have been well-documented multi-decade disappearances of blues.

I need to re-note that this is shotgun week in NJ. From Monday through Saturday, it is pretty much folly to randomly head into the woods – unless you’re among the legion who’ll be hunting, be it through a multi-hunter drive or going solo, hanging in a personal deer stand.

Go to www.savetheshack.com if you’d like to contribute to the Save the Shack effort – and it is actually on a roll, with bona fide buttressing plans being worked out by a group of builder. A quite-cool T-shirt is available. I know the entire shaky shack subject seems a laugher, however, salvation things are in the mix. 

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