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Sunday April 5, 09 -- Bass showing along beach, Graveling

Sunday, April 05, 2009:
Wind has laid down some, though still a factor this a.m. The bassing is moving in including Graveling, which has had spurts – and a goodly amount of fishing pressure. The keepers are there, with some up river –a long with plenty of shorts. A.M. was catching them on plugs for the last couple days at his ‘secret” bank up the river. “I had fish hitting and swirling for a solid hour then things just turned off. It was still some of the best spring fishing I ever had there … I swear something other than a bass ripped off the tail of a plastic I tried. Saw a fox in the middle of the day that wasn’t very afraid. I hope it wasn’t rabid.”

As for LBI there are scattered reports of beach bass and short hits resembling bass. Keeper fish taken north and south surfside. Plugs are interesting small fish. Jigs with fake-o eels worth a try. Per usual (for this time of year), there are bait stealings, most likely the very aggressive thick-bodied “stone crabs.” I know there are bass on the Barnegat Bay flats buy haven’t gotten many reports from the few works working them. Conditions haven’t been that great, though today looks very doable, especially if you launch from the north end to begin.

Anyone trying Mill Creek for perching? The work there should be wrapping up quickly.

Winter floundering is decent – also spurty – over toward the Plant, BB, BI and some Double Creek holes. Still need lots of chum to get them to the boat. Fishing pressure elsewhere (HC, Hoch’s and such) is scant.

Nature note: I’ve been doing loads of time deep woods and the spring peeper count this year is astronomical, always a good ecological sign. A few sites were dizzyingly loud with these tiny frogs calling for all they were worth. When you’re in the middle of a crescendo, it hits the ears in such a way that is really does get a tad disorienting.
Of course, in my frog counts of peepers, I don’t even want to factor in the numbers of former sites that have been plowed under for development, including the obscene sprawlish metropolis that is now on Recovery Road. Nice job, Stafford.
The wood frog (the earliest of the spring callers) is not faring as well for whatever reason. Only scattered calls from dirt road puddles, which are the prime sites for spawning. There is water out there for that species spawning. However, we have nearly an 8-inch rain deficit this year, meaning a hot dry summer could be very bad drought news. And I think that’s just what’s coming our way after a fairly cold winter.

Loads of freshwater fishermen out there. Pickerel are primed for spring and bigmouth bass are slowly showing, though nowhere near spawn nesting yet.

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