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Sorry but things got (are) a tad out of sorts for me

I'm running on a beyond- frustrating iPad but will be back in the blogging saddle someday soon.
To say the island took a beating is an understatement. While places like Surf City and Ship Bottom got fully flooded -- my home is rug wrecked and my trusty GMC steed drowned -- many other island areas were truly ruined .
But enough about my ongoing predicament -- no elec, phones, gas, potable water, sleep -- the Holgate story is an odd and devastated tale. The stretch of populated Holgate from Beach Haven to the once parking lot has been decimated, homes demolished. Quite depressing since it was the older homes and trailers that ate it. The big oceanfront homes fared much better and are rebuildable. The weird part is those oceanfronts now have no sand around them. They're just one long row of raise ranchers at the furthest extensions of their pilings.
Now the weird part, the wilderness area is still there as far as the eye can see from what was the parking lot -- which is gone. I see no new inlets and and plenty of vegetation. I expected it to be just a barren piece of wiped clean sand, as after the March Storm 62. It would actually be a breeze to drive the beach from Beach Haven to the rip, it's all been swept smooth -- obviously not in a good way, long term.
I have some stunning GoPro but no way to put them in here right now. Please try www.thesandpaper.net .
When I get back in here it will be with a vengeance. Lots to, let's say, recall.
By the by, as I walked Holgate yesterday, there was frenzied birdplay just off the beach. The ocean has cleaned remarkably well but I'd feel somehow guilty if I plugged there with all the heartbreak so nearby.
I guess it's good to go through things like this, but I can think of better ways to test my character.
I'll try to get posts in here but, to be honest, my head (and heart) aren't totally into it right now. As I have no way to suck the water out of my flooded house I keep realizing saltwater never sleeps.

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