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Above: I won't burn his spot.  

Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012: I had a hyper filled day. Angling early and late with some artifact digging in-between. Can't burn the digging site.

I can say that there was a damn decent showing of anglers today, despite large waves and tough bottom-holding during high tide. 

I got word of brisk bluefishing on the north end, as tailors make yet another push -- though they haven't moved southward.

Tons of folks are trying to walk in Joe Czapkowski's waders by heading to the north end to toss clams. I haven't seen any faxes regarding new weigh-ins today. The Classic's participating shops and committee members receive fax notifications as quickly as shops enter the data. 

Below: Excellent spray day at the Holgate entrance.

I know this in not an angling thing but I was among the many whose house really rocked this a.m. I didn't do a clock check but it was in the 10 a.m. timeframe. The thing is I've felt a goodly number of quakes from my days in Hawaii, California, Mexico and, more recently, NJ, and today's thing was far more like a sonic boom -- a window rocker more than a house shaker. We used to feel those a lot in the 1970s. Interestingly, back then they were often in that 10 a.m. time slot. Weird. Back then, we had a couple face-thumping booms (as we sat surfing) that actually broke windows in some oceanfront homes. Today's bam! also felt very much like a military weapons demolition. 

The water temps took a healthy dip today. With the end of the onshore winds, temps fell into the upper 50s in most places. I took a 57 reading of water heading out the inlet late today. But not a touch for half a dozen of us plugging the chilly Rip into dark. 

See some stripers are hanging over near the Sheepsheads. 

Larry N. Top of the tide. Final hour — at Big Sheepshead Creek.

Oceanside B&T: Fresh bunkies!

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