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Saturday, November 10, 2018: It sure seems the long-held notion that ... read on

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It's almost time to make the cat psychotic again ... 



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It's now worth waiting out the day ... after signing up for the Classic> 

Saturday, November 10, 2018: It sure seems the long-held notion that hard fall onshore winds can blow in fish has again been substantiated. Whether the bass themselves were blown in (unlikely) or they were stalking forage fish pinned to the beach (way likely) is academic when celebrating one of the best beach fishing days in way too long. As nearly as I can compute there were close to 10 bass over 30 pounds and three over 40, not included in the 30. A portion were tourney fish, others were simple trophy weigh-ins. A few were released after photos.

As to what today’s slap-happy (gusty) west winds have done, let’s just say they’ve cooled things down in many a way. While I see nice striper weigh-ins today, those were residual surfside diners or were caught late yesterday and weighed in today – which is allowed in certain Classic situations.

I’m so sold on the onshore wind syndrome that I’m already alerting we could have another such blow early this coming week.  

I had one small inquiry about the other fall gamefish. It came at the end of an excited email about the rapid-fire bassing on Friday. It was a mere, “Does this mean some bluefish might show?” I eagerly answered “maybe” -- even though I meant “fat chance.” Falls have changed to the max. Big blues have flown the coastal coop. And although I’m hyped that, just maybe, bassing is on the verge of a comeback, we’re still rock bottom on the total striper count for the 2018 Classic. If we could somehow conjure up a solid week or two of serious striper hooking, then we can at least upwardly hope that we’ve turned the bass bend toward autumnal normalcy – for one species.

Just for fun, here's the latest Classic weigh-ins: 

Boat bassers are inching toward the early-a.m. docks, waiting for the winds to lay down. It seems likely the big bass have blown out. They had been sitting in close prior to the blow. It now comes down to which captains know how to track them down in what has become moderately turbid water conditions. 


Dave DeGennaro 
Sat 11/10/2018, 12:39 PM
That hard west wind is doing it's job today. Leveling out all the sea condition that the hard easterly brought the last few days. More westerly tomorrow (Sunday), at a nice moderate velocity,  means a flat ocean and stripers on the feed.
Open Boat or Charter tomorrow, Sunday, November 11. 6:00 AM to 2 PM. $200 person. 4 people max. All fish are shared.
This is our last available November date. Starting to book December, Sat, Sun, and Mon's only.
Dave DeGennaro
Back Bay Adventures
732.330.5674 cell
Pitying my friends in this region. If this scene isn't end-of-the-world-ish nothing is. 

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