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Saturday -- It's on -- Totally on !!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010:

Action alert! Carpe diem and all that. The action has been hot to exceptional. That’s based on loads of reports and weigh-in yesterday and a slew of stripers and bass already this early a.m.

You can try boat fishing, though the winds will surely challenge. Yesterday had reports of fish – both bass and blues -- from near beach out to over 35 feet and deeper. Here’s a loaner boat report:


South Philly Fred was on it again! He hit the water early this morning with "got one on" Yonnie and Cap G. Roy. They headed back to the same place they got ‘em yesterday. Again there was an abundance of bait and the fish didn’t move a mile. They got into the fish jigging, popping and livelining. The hot jig this day was not the Shimano Slidend but the Shimano 135 gram Whirligig Butterfly Jig in pearl white. Yonni said, "It was full on, until the mass of boats put a damper on things. It turned into a parking lot really quick so we decided to head in." On the way back to the dock, Philly Fred’s eagle eye spotted an active pod of bunker tight to the beach. They crawled into the massive pod and were delighted to see fish boiling on top. After a solid hour of bass and blues, a boat passing-thru blew up the spot. That Captain was unconscious to what was going on.

Once back on land Fred hit the beach mid-island and had bunker breaking water. He crept out on a jetty in order to reach the fish. Snagging bunker he got his drag going but only with toothy critters. Before long a boat came in and cast netted the bunker from the same pods that he was working. Once the boat spooked the fish away, Fred called it a day. This was Fred's second experience of the day with an inconsiderate boater.

Captain Stew Hitchner of Pez Machine Sportfishing had a great day fishing off of IBSP in 50-60’ of water! Jigging they had all bass and trolling umbrella rigs produced bass, blues and a little surprise. While trolling an umbrella rig they got locked up with a line screamer! It turned out to be a bluefin tuna estimate to weigh around sixty pounds. The Pez Machine is still open for charter this Sunday. If interested please call Stew @ 609.287.5136


Here’s a surf report that catches the mood of the day:

Pretty Productive day in Brant Beach. I fished pretty much from 7am-5pm (after plugging for several hours, 3-7am in Barnegat Light/Brighton Beach with zero to show)...It was a beautiful day to be on the beach, regardless of the fishing...Non-stop action for most of the day, along with consistent bunker pods getting crashed by blues/bass. When I first arrived, the bass (I would guess 30lb class) were jumping clear out of the water after the bunker.I caught a 16/10 (37") bass around 7:45 on a freshly snagged bunker chunk. I caught another bass later around 2pm... My Boga had this one a little heavier (17lbs) but was shorter at 35". I had another bass of similar size jump out of the water and spit the hook 5 feet away from me in the shore break after a decent fight. I also had another, larger bass on for about 10 minutes before another pulled hook.Throughout the day I also caught 7 blues, all between 10-12lbs/30-31.5 inches, all on bunker chunks...I had 2 bite-offs as well...The bite went dead around 3pm... Jim


Quick mention on the above report: It shows you don’t have to go gonzo chasing the bouncing bunker ball and related blitzing – though that is also a run-and-gun blast. Nagging a few passing bunker then chunking that oozing fresh meat places your rod in the irresistible category to lagging (sometimes larger) bass.

Net note: If you have bunker in close enough to throw cast net on them – and you want a major load of bait – you’ll quite possibly be doing major, possible terminal, damage to castnet. If, like me, you tend to buy one-season nets that’s not such a big thing this late in the year. However, I know some folks who both baby their cast nets or have some top-shelf high-dollar custom castnets out of North Carolina or Florida. It might be better to simply snag ‘em in that case.

I’ve written on snagging bunker a couple times in hear, using both treble hooks on droppe4r loops and weighted squiding style snag hooks. Virtually every shop will offer a quick lesson and most have the necessary hooks on the cash-out counter. They’ll gladly offer a more hands on explaining. You can also find stuff on snagging on YouTube. I’ll be doing an entire series of YouTube videos this winter.

Here’s an interesting email:


Had to drop an email about the success of my circle hooks. Yes, I was bitching about them when I saw you but began keeping my chunking rod equipped with one. I had super fishing on my normal rod but lost three of six hookups. Not so on my circle hook. Didn’t lose a single fish. 5. All small except for days largest 22 pounder. I’m not totally sold and wont give up my holding rod but I have new faith in circles. H.G.

(Good deal Hal. And how about that fishing. I’m guessing that was a 2-day report but still. I have had amazing success with some absolutely killer rigged circle hooks given to me by a buddy. I, like you, think they’re hot for a spiked rod. And I agree that a holdin’ rod feel better with a standard hook. J)


Kayak fishermen have been doing exceptionally well of late. I got an email from one and have read a number of success reports on various websites. I just want to alert that it is NOT for beginners this time of year. I know the temptation is overwhelming when you hear of 30-pounders being caught by yaks – and you see baitballs so close you could paddle to them in a minute but are out too far to reach from the beach. However, if you haven’t logged serious hourage – and under trying conditions – you might wanna stay watching. Hey, I told you to begin training last summer. With fast-building seas and west winds able to go from light to insane in a heartbeat, you just can’t risk being blown out into the shipping lanes – or overturned in surf. The inlets are also not to be messed with, as outgoing tidal changes brought on by full moon can be utterly impossible to paddle against.


The Classic is having its busiest spurt to date. Remember, it’s worth signing up even if you’re only doing a long weekend. Good luck to some buddies I have showing up for a week on the south end.


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