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Saturday, August 01, 2015: This a.m. was scalding hot on the beach ....

 When a cop's horse sees the media ... 

Below: After having engine parts stolen on two consecutive nights, Gilbert got this brilliant idea ... 

Saturday, August 01, 2015: This a.m. was scalding hot on the beach, downright uncomfortable. Early on, the blackfies were brutal, though a slight shift in the west winds (to SW) blew that problem away. However, I crossed a replen beach in the searing sun and was nearly woozy by the time I hit water’s edge. Moronically, I did my beach check without flip-flops and lacking a hat.

I put this advisory up on my Facebook page. I’ve been trying to help out a medical group warning folks of assorted heat dangers, along the beach those danger include hideously burned feet of small children. I put some ugly foot burn photos in here in a past blog so‘ll skip them this time.

Beach alert: I don't put many of these alerts out but today the a.m. beach and sand temperatures are approaching dangerous heights. Remember, kids' feet can't take the scalding walks across lengthy replenished beaches. Also, hydrate to the hilt ... or pay the heatstroke piper. Ocean breezes will hopefully cool things down a bit later in the day.

Please remember: Black sea bass is now out-of-season … fines to follow.

After noisily slapping a black fly while crossing the beach, I noticed a buncha nearby folks staring over at me. Then, I had this blood-curdling thought: Holy, s***, did I just kill Cecil the Fly?

How was I to know it was Cecil the famed Ice Capades fly???!!!

  Check out the mighty-fine sheepshead (photo down below).

These wild fighters -- with a bite and fight quite similar to a tog -- are out there in goodly numbers. I know this from both my diving days and more recent reports from those who still snorkel around underwater “structure,” like bridge abutments and jetty rocks.

In this case, we’re talking true jetties, like the north and south jetties of Barnegat Inlet. A true jetty, in our part, marks the banks of a navigable water, like an inlet. Our beach "jetties," are technically groins ... a term we don’t often use in hopes of minimizing giggling. A groin interrupts water flow and limits the movement of sediment – and even then it prefers to be called a jetty.

My favorite sheepshead spot is below the Big Bridge. I used to snorkel there in late spring when the water was still clear from winter. Even when there was still a chill in the water, the sheepshead were already beginning to show. I do not know if there are currently any restriction regarding fishing the supports of the Big Bridge, due to the ongoing project thereabouts. Oddly, I rarely saw Sheepsheads around the Causeway’s smaller trestle bridges. It could be the water flow is too brisk through there.

And, yes, I’m trying to market yet another species for anglers to seek out, as we lose black seabass and fluking remains very iffy.

I should note that I continue to see some nice beachside fluke be taken. Also, this a.m. I heard some upbeat radio chatter from boat flukers.


Ron McClelland shared a photo to Mike Laptew's Timeline.

Mike, what do you think of the clarity of this shot? Picture was taken with n IPhone 5, no special lens, just someone that took his time to compose the shot. (PS, fish was released, after weighing, and swam away strongly)

Ron McClelland's photo.
Ron McClelland12# 13oz. Sheepshead fight like a biotch esp. On light tackle


Janine Seeley 

Phaedra Bond's photo.

My kittycatio has been up for less than 5 minutes and already.....THIS. RocketDog even showed the kitties how to use the pet door I installed on the window screen, too. So, it is cat and chihuahua approved!((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

"Oh, somebody help me, please!" 

One cure for chronic channel surfers. 


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