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Sat. Oct. 31, 09 -- Winds and hooking pick up -- change clock back tonight

Saturday, October 31, 2009: Winds: Hard south.

What a difference a day – and a wind shift – makes. While things didn’t explode out there today, the blues and bass positively responded to the hard southeasterlies. The blues were cookie cutters, right at the 10-pound mark. Dozens were caught at various locales, though they weren’t overwhelming any single site – as they can sometimes do.

It was a couple looker bass that opened some Classic eyes. Try a Darcy Kolodziej’s 30-6 topped by Tom Law Sr.’s 33-0. That brings the 2009 Classic up to a dozen stripers over 30 pounds, with one over 40. That’s none too shabby when aligning with past tourneys. In fact, with so much time left to go, this is going to be a totally kick-bass event. Oh, there were also some smaller weigh-worthy bass being taken so the south-wind bassing made a real decent impact. Unfortunately, the winds will go west tomorrow and the bite will (likely) quickly back off. That will bring us back to that rogue bass syndrome – still well worth hitting the beach.
At the same time, the bluefishing could actually get it together during the offshore winds. We have yet to have a typical fall blitz situation. Maybe this week, if bait is up to it.
I had three reports of big fluke going for big chucks of bait.
Plugging remains small-time. If anyone is having any luck with artificials, please let me know. It might motivate me.
I had to do some mainland time this afternoon and hit an abandoned now-organic cranberry bog (Cloverdale Farm, an old cranberry farm being preserved by Ocean County) that still had loads of useable berries – though you had to sort through the overripe bloated ones. It was easy getting the good ones by simply grabbing just the purplish berries that were ripe and hard and perfect. The bog is not far west of Genuardi’s in Barnegat. If anyone wants the exact locale, drop me an email at jmann99@hotmail.com. There are more berries than hundreds of people could pick. It is a tad tough on the legs, so wear hardcore clothes so you actually sit and pick through this famed fall crop.

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Comment by skunked on November 1, 2009 at 7:27pm
Yo Jay,

After reading your latest post, I asked how come no one was reporting fish caught on a lure.
I see you mentoned it in the Saturday 31 Oct one. Sorry about that. Not that I wasn't paying attention, Teach.


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