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Sat. Oct 17, 09 -- High waters and new bass law considerations

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Saturday, October 17, 2009: Waves: Large. Winds: 30 mph. Flooding: Upper end of moderate; mainly flush-back from sewers, i.e. bay water oozing onto the roads.

The winds are honking it back up, on par with Friday. Despite the steady blow, I haven’t recorded any gusts much above 40, despite forecasted 55.

The road flooding is really getting up there during high tides. It’s best just to nix unneeded travel from Ship Bottom to Beach Haven – or even onto LBI if the trip is just touristy. Yes, you can make the journey south on Ocean (slow road near the beach) but once you approach destination points you’ll likely have to drive through some nasty puddle water – and there’s a load of saltwater therein.

The beaches are getting mangled. It’s not so much dune fence destroying h tide but the steady eating away of all the beach, tide after tide. I have no doubt the drive-around points at the beach ends of jetties are disappearing rapidly. Long Beach Township (and other municipalities) will repair that damage but how long it’ll take is the problem.
I’m not big on pessimism but this is just what we didn’t need right about now. My guess is we’ll see our beach buggy entrances cleared early on but the chances of any long-distance cruises is out. It’ll be a case of driving on and off at one point then driving until an impassible point is reached. The spooky side of that scenario is if you can drive on easily (it’s downhill) but have to get off at the same point – and it’s too steep or gets chewed up. Since you can’t access other drive-off points, you’re stuck – no pun intended. I’ll, of course, be among the first to figure out the buggying potential when the storm is done so I’ll alert herein.

I should note that I saw tons of folks driving around with roads and even getting bait. I don’t see any weigh-in faxes for the Classic. By the by, at the end of the “Issue” section (next) is a fairly involved instruction scheme by the Chamber. It’s for those still having a hard time getting to the weigh-ins at www.lbift.com.



Below is a very important read about striped bass laws. I have to align very heavily with the slot fish possibility – as most every angler I know would agree. I’m not sure where the equanimity is. By that I mean is there really an equal number of folks who would want the laws to stay the same – 2 fish over 28 inches when we could all keep a 24-inch fish????
Please note carefully that striped bass are controlled by laws, not rules and regulations. The Division of Fish and Wildlife (which issues rules and regulations) could likely influence lawmakers in Trenton into considering making a bass change but the process could be drawn out-- as the Legislature alleges to being perpetually busy with other pressing issues. They’ve always dragged their well-heeled heels when fishery subject arise. That is where we as an angling mass have to continue to show what kind of political clout we have. Get this: If every LBI angler alone (excluding all the other areas of the Jersey Shore) were to call their back-home NJ assemblymen and senators, it would surely end up causing enough commotion in Trenton to eventually alert all our legislators that they better step lively when any fishing issues arrive.

Here’s Paul H’s communiqué:

As a representative of the NJBBA, I attended the Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Striped Bass Committee meeting on 10/15/09. In addition to the council members, several advisors from other larger organizations such as the JCAA and RFA were present. There were a lot of varying opinions but it seemed like the majority felt there was a need to protect the larger spawning sized stripers. There was also pretty strong sentiment favoring anglers being able to take home a smaller striper to eat.
There were mixed feeling as how to best protect our striper stocks. Our State could adopt more restrictive measures than the standard 2 fish at 28”. However, that would probably not sit well with the majority of anglers. Also, it was pointed our that if we were to adopt more restrictive regulations and at a later date the ASMFC were to mandate further restrictions we might be stuck with what we have or have to cut back even further.
As far as having a slot fish is concerned it could be approved but really would not do anything to conserve the breeding stock. Some scientists argue that it would since we would be keeping less large stripers but others argue that it would not since we would then be keeping far more small stripers that would never have the opportunity to grow to a large size.
The Division of Fish and Wildlife does not have the authority to set new regulations pertaining to stripers as it has to be done legislatively. However, the Division would make a recommendation if the vast majority of fishermen were in favor of a new regulation. Something that is controversial would probably not pass. Any new proposals would have to first be approved by the ASMFC.
It is my belief that the current 2 fish at 28” is favored by many fishermen but that allowing a slot fish is also favored by many as well. The Division presented us with an equivalency table which showed a number of different options. The one that generated the most interest was one that would allow us to keep one fish over 24” and another over 32”. This is not a slot limit – you would be able to keep two fish larger than 32” if you wanted but if you chose to do so you could keep one fish between 24” and 32” and another over 32”.
The bonus program was also discussed and could be altered at a later time so that if new regulations were passed it would not be so confusing. However, any changes in our regulations also might create problems for those who sail out of NJ and fish in the Delaware or Raritan Bay areas. If you are in other State waters you would have to abide by their regulations but once you return to NJ waters you would have to be in compliance with NJ regulations and vice versa. The Division would like feedback from fishermen, clubs and organizations on these possible proposals by the end of the month. Let me know your opinions and I will see that the Division receives them.
What do you prefer?
A – Leave the striper laws as they are now, 2 fish at 28” or greater
B – A slot fish perhaps 24-28” and one larger fish perhaps over 30”
C – One fish 24” and over and one fish 32” and over.

Paul Haertel


How to get to Classic weigh-ins:

We've heard from a few folks that they can't see the online tournament results.

A few hours ago the developer made some changes to the way the page displays. It should now work for almost everyone.

Here are the reasons a computer may not display the fish list:

1. Computer has a pop-up blocker installed.
2. The computer does not have the latest Microsoft security updates installed.
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