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Sat. Oct. 15, 2011: 

It was a total blow-out today. It didn't take much to figure that out. What was a tad more unexpected was the fairly heavy fishing pressure in the suds. The boat anglers didn't have the same show. It was a fierce go to fish even the bay waters. 

I wiled away the gale-force morning at a Barnegat estate sale where I was hoping some vintage fishing stuff would show. It didn't but I scored some cool stuff for a few bucks. I strongly suggest you try out some of the local auctions and estate sales. I'll try to list some upcoming one that have "steal" potential. Just to keep you felonious types on the straight and narrow, a "steal" in this context is a deal beyond belief. 

Small bluefish remain everywhere. It's actually beyond their usual tour time but even with this stir the water temps is only down to 62 degrees. A number of folks I talked to were asking where the 'choppers," "slammers," "gators," "big-ass blues," etc.  are hiding. Next week should see a few. 

The big news at Holgate remains the tricky entrance -- now passable but far from ready for the upcoming king tides in a week or so. The next biggy is the 42-foot sailboat that decided to land on the beach at the Rip. Fortunately, it was one of those calm groundings, unlike the numerous fatal sinkings we've had in that same area. In this case, the captain was put upon by the fast-arriving fog we had a couple days ago. He managed to get into the Beach Haven Inlet and do the famed bump along. Before he knew it, he had bumped a bit too far onto the sands of Holgate. It really wasn't an egregious error by the captain. Mainly it was just bad luck. It's going to take a few tries to free the well-grounded vessel.  The problem is it came aground during very high tides and now the west winds have blown the ocean way down. The owners have sorta settled in for the long hall. A guitar leaning against the craft seems suited for long dark Holgate nights. 





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