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Sat. Nov. 21, 09 -- Burst of boat bass, north and south.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009:

Just south of Little Egg Inlet, the boat bassing is excellent. Per usual, the trick is to motor just inside the shoals, right where the whitewater backs off. Even clam gobs are working there. Some folks are getting inside the rough water then using larger rods (even surf rods) to cast out onto the shallows to allow a long drift into the drop-off.

Just north of Barnegat inlet the bites has been downright explosive. It went bass-bonkers again today. Yesterday, the a.m. bite was offering 50 or more hookups, often fine fish, per boat.

Here’s an email from today:

"Lots of bass north of the inlet. There were fleets north of the CG station and also halfway up to the bathing beach but out a mile. I ended up spending most of my morning 1/4 mile north of the inlet making drifts from 15' of water out to 30'. Ended up with eight bass, seven which were of keeper size. I had 7 spots and caught fish on all of them but had trouble getting anything to take my jig presentation. The two fish I kept were loaded with sand eels but still happy to stuff a spot in. WP"

I had heard about that bonanza of a bite but should note it also was moody. A goodly number of folks who tried afternoon sessions couldn't draw a touch -- including guys from the shop that sells most of the spot.
That sand eel info is very crucial. Could indicate a wide-ranging pause in the bunker migration -- and might also be why those spot are so ravenously sucked down. After nonstop slimy and gooey sand eels a spot looks real tasty. J-mann.)

Surfcasters weren’t lighting it on fire – overall. There were hot spots that I’m trying to get info about but generally speaking all that made the scales were a few nice bass and more of those 10-ish blues. That’s not to demean those slammers in any way. They’re fierce fighters, a choir to land and as dangerous a fish as there is to unhook. I’m just wondering if we’re going to see any of those 20-pounders that traditionally top the Classic.

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