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Sat. Dec. 31 -- It's all over -- now let it begin!



Saturday, December 31, 2011: It’s all brand new from here on out. That’s the underlying fervor behind New Year’s Eve, even though the same sentiment can surely be attached to every eve of any and every day. Of course, if we partied like every eve was the start of something entirely new, I’m thinkin’ the future would look a tad wobbly.


New Year’s resolutions come out of the same mold as the day itself. Ain’t a day that’s ever begun which couldn’t have a hearty resolution attached. But tradition dictates that we anoint a change of the calendar year as the tried-and-untrue time to best concoct some sort of pledge cocktail meant to resolutionize the arriving year, i.e. 2012. May your resolution outlast at least your hangover.


One thing is certain, I‘m sincerely hoping everyone reading this blog is about to embark on the greatest year ever.




If you want a touch of winter – for whatever reason, I don’t know – this coming week will be windy and wickedly cold. Actually, it won’t be anything more than a tad below normal but we still haven’t had a chance to acclimate to 30s (for high) by mid-week. Then, it milds up again by late in the week. We could be flirting with near-record highs by next weekend.


Yes, the official Weather Service long-term forecast has a truly bitter winter coming our way. I won’t go against the pros except to say that, by my thinking, a bitter winter begins in, like, November. When’s the last time you recall comfortably wearing a thin jacket on both Christmas and New Year’s? If the weather is going to go south, in a polar way, it’s going to need to be mighty impressive in big hurry.


Small stripers




“I used the money I won last year during the tournament to pick up a new Penn Battle and it is sweet. I matched it to an 11 ft. and I am going to start throwing lures in 2012. Can you give me some advice on which ones I should add to the collection?

I already have a deadly dick, ava, black bomber and a 4-inch yellow needle wooden plug."

 (Get ‘em all. I swear that in this day and age picking plugs is like picking donuts. “I’ll take one of those curly things, one of those big uns, two of whatever the hell they are …”


I know that doesn’t meet with the budget thing but it is a bit of crap shoot with even the most famed and favorite lures often being beaten out by some freaky plug your wife bought as a Christmas tree ornament.


When starting to build a plug quiver, I’m still huge on buying a lot or two on eBay or at a local auction (tackle box) or garage sale. I recently won an eBay lot of 8 saltwater plugs in excellent condition for the price of one new plug.


That’s not to say you shouldn’t grab a new at the tackle shop – every chance finances allow.  I don’t plug anywhere without a larger saltwater Bill Lewis Rat’L’Trap, a couple larger Zara Spooks, chrome black Cotton Cordell Red Fin, and a blue Gibb’s Polaris Popper. Those are best as spankin’-new shop-bought plugs. )

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