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Sat. Aug. 22, 09 -- Waves the breaking story

Saturday, August 22, 2009: Waves: 5- to 7-foot long-period hurricane groundswell. Water temps: Upper 70s.

The main angling news remains the wave action. It continues to build and will peak between this evening and Sunday evening. Don’t be fooled by the downgrading of Hurricane Bill to a Cat. 2. It is huge and generating monster swells. North Carolina is getting battered. Those waves are heading this way. At high tide last night, there were some areas of the Island with beach overwash, so it could get interesting for weekend beachgoers trying to get relief from this hot weather – and wanting to enjoy the balmy water temps. As for angling it seems best to stay in the bay. Obviously, larger vessels can take the conditions once through the inlets but small craft will hit some serious whoopdidoes as open sea swells build.

Fluking will be in its typical lot of fish mode. You know the rest of that poor ration story. Panfishing remains a very real draw. Folks are trying it with something of a surprise takers: kingfish and triggers, sometimes plentiful. Also, a mussel chummer near double Creek (no specifics) also had “large blowfish and even an occasional spike (weakie).” The bite wasn’t overly brisk. “I wasn’t fishing exactly where I wanted because of the wind,” he said. Winds have let up a lot for this a.m. Still watch for ugly storms today. We just missed them yesterday. West and north of us got blasted.

Email: Jay, “ … Will these waves mess up the Holgate beachfront?”

(Yes and no. Obviously there will be some serious overwash and possibly some erosion at the thin spots. However, this is not the same as a windblown high-erosion direct hit from a storm. It will be mainly high water rushing up and over the beach and not as much the removal of sand. A moderate nor’easter would do way more damage. Since we can’t be on there yet anyway, the fact the beach will be covered with water at high tide is only a concern for any remaining birds, though all plover and most skimmers or least terns have flown the coop by now. J-mann)


Email: “I heard that the minnows from the backbay stay alive in both saltwater and freshwater fishing. …”

(Kinda true. While our minnies {mummichogs} can live in water ranging from the saltiest to fresh, they do not fare that well when rapidly switched from salty to fresh, especially when yanked from baywater and thrown into piney freshwater, which has tons of tannic acid. I once actually tested switching bay minnies over to freshwater, slowly. They took it well. Why do such a thing? When setting up a fish tank, you need to break it in – and activate a bio-filter –by introducing some fierce survivalist fish, i.e. minnies, the toughest little fish on the block. I had long sued them to set up saltwater tanks so when I wanted to prime a slightly brackish freshwater tank they came to mind. They weren’t real attractive until the males took to courting. They were wildly colored, for a while. J-mann)


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