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Friday, July 26, 2013: What a day.


Friday, July 26, 2013: What a day. The land/sea breezes are backing off as the day gets ready to close its doors. These switchable winds are often a good sign for night fishing so I think I’ll give it a go.

Water temps are mid-70s. Water clarity is very good. Swells are sizable but not enough to mess up surfcasting. 

Bayside is experiencing runoff freshets.  These can confuse fish. The cooler water side of things can be iffy on the hookinf front.  

It is going to be a supremely good fluke fishing weekend for boaters and surfcasters. Though I seldom send anglers out of the sera if you can get down to bayside Absecon, it’s hot hooking new Harrah’s.

 Up this way, try to read this warmer ocean water, especially when it mixes with outgoing or slack bay water.  Fluke are still in the surf but I envision an insanely crowded beach scene, beachgoer-wise. It’s not easy to find favorable fishing zones with so many folks on-scene. Making matters tougher, some of the best surfside fluking is away from the rocks, i.e. in swimming areas. Verboten fishing. Try those “mid-beach” areas in the early hours. Fish the swash. Late afternoon, the flatties have been driven out a ways by the foot action of swimmers. Cast out further.

Kingfishing should be excellent in the surf, as the storm stir settles down. Being worm eaters, they'll be moving into the swash big time. However, as with fluke, they are often in the swimming areas. The difference is the kingfish tactfully cash in on the stuff stirred by humans. They are fishable the instant folks leave the beach with the lifeguards. Sane thing applies to spot.  


White Marlin Invitational Note: I’m kinda depressed that I couldn’t write the daily blog for the annual Beach Haven Marlin and Tuna Club’s WMIT this year.

The club is in the midst of an ultimate facelift, as in a brand new clubhouse. With the club’s compulsory and understandable cutbacks for this year’s WMIT, I wasn’t sure they needed my services. I committed elsewhere for the timeframe. Having seen my house kicked around by the storm, I’m still scraping for salvation mullah.

The WMIT is doing swimmingly now that the chilly one-day storm is long departed. Though there is no webcam for the contest, check the event’s website at http://www.thewmit.com/ . Also, check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfIuETTYGKwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyR-WD0V2gc


Here’s the latest write-up by Karen Wall: White Marlin Invitational Day One

By Karen E. Wall
Big Game Fishing Journal

When the first tuna hit the scales about 7 p.m. on Thursday, there was a sigh of relief: The 44th White Marlin Invitational was officially underway.

Despite Hurricane Sandy flooding their clubhouse, despite a nasty weather forecast that chased potential entrants, the tournament had fish weighed for the 44th year, and that was a step in the right direction.

The weather bore eerie reminders of the day last October when Sandy devastated much of the Jersey Shore — dark clouds, howling winds and a slightly chilly, very humid air — and made the weigh-ins at the Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Club challenging. Boats were encouraged not to try to pull up to the scale because of concerns the wind would slam them into the pilings and bulkhead. The Anthracite docked and brought its four tuna to the scale by wheelbarrow, as did the Tra Sea Ann, which put an 88.8-pound wahoo on the scale at 8:30.

Tournament rules state that boats with fish much check in with the scout boat by 8 p.m. to be able to weigh fish. The Tra Sea Ann “just took their time bringing it over,” one tournament official said.

The Crazy Tuna put two yellowfin on the scale, weighing 44.8 and 42.0 pounds, and the Goin’ In Deep holds the third spot with a 41.3-pound yellowfin. A half-dozen other yellowfin were weighed in, ranging from 40.6 pounds to 14.5 pounds. Definitely some of the smallest yellowfin I’ve ever seen, but as anyone who’s fished a tournament knows, you weigh everything, especially if you’re in the calcuttas, because you never know who might not be in them.

No white marlin were weighed, but there were a half-dozen released, including two releases for the Anthracite and the Jasste had a release at 8:45 a.m.

Twenty-three boats of the 43-boat field fished on Thursday, and a couple of captains said the conditions far off were not bad. “It was beautiful out there three quarters of the day,” one of the members of the crew of the Goin’ In Deep said. The ride home was miserable, however. One captain reported 14- to 16-foot seas; at least three boats — the MJs, the Pez Machine and the Nutz and Boltz — ported in Cape May rather than fight through rough conditions to come back to Beach Haven

With the weather appearing to clear somewhat, 20 boats fished headed out to try their luck today, but the entire fleet is fishing Saturday, which should make for an interesting day at the scales.

Be sure to check out the Big Game Fishing Journal’s Facebook page for live updates, and check back here tonight and Saturday for full updates on the tournament.


SIGN UPS DOWN: The WMIT saw a solid drop in the entrants but that expected in the wake of the boating and fishing confusion from Sandy.

Hard to believe but it has already been nine pregnant months since her bitch-fit -- and things are still simmering even as we speak.

I’ve talked to a number of boat anglers whose boats are OK – or they’ve insuranced out for new ones -- but still have so much work to do on the homefront that they just can’t put in serious the fishing time. Hopefully, they’ll get to come alive come fall. I hear tons of waylaid anglers longingly looking for a fall back to fishing normalcy.

I have also chatted with more than a few fishing folks who feel it’s a tad irresponsible to be fishing when little matters like life-and-death loan and grant applications are still on the front burner. While I’m not sure I totally agree with that sacrificial thinking, I do understand those who just haven’t got their hearts into angling.

I should note that the surfcasting population has actually been a bit above average. That’s consistent with folks who are working the homefront but set aside a jot of me-time later in the day -- or early a.m.


Seems there was some high seas wildness going on in the WMIT. Per Facebook:


Joe Handley Jr

The old adage about canyon fishing here in the northeast, " The only time you have too much fuel is when you are on fire". This scenario played out very early this morning to a couple of my fishing buddiesRandy Matlack and Ryan N Julia Schramm about 30 plus miles offshore while fishing in the Beach Haven White Marlin tournament. Glad to hear everyone is okay and made it back to port. Serious matter when you have a fire with 500 or more gallons of fuel below deck...

Top of Form

Bottom of Form


Ryan N Julia Schramm No we kept our port engine running the turbo in the starboard engine went up. In 3 seconds you couldnt see 5 feet the smoke was so bad. We used 3 fire extinguishers which did nothing then buckets of water got it out. We drove in one 1 engine at 4 knots in 6-8ft seas 20-30knot winds.


Glad to see those buddies of mine made it through what could have been a truly ugly episode.


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