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In recent years, I have acquired, at due expense, some very historically significant photo negatives of the Southern Ocean County area, especially LBI.
I essentially have two options. I can exert my rights under intellectual property laws and squirrel them away, fearing they’ll be exploited if I put them into the public sector, or, I can risk it by allowing tons of folks to enjoy them on Facebook and my website.
To me, the first option is ridiculously exclusionary, having kept many amazing photos at bay for decades. The second is obviously suited to my thinking: having one and all see them.
So, enjoy the images (more coming in the near future) but please don’t market or sell them. Thanks much. Jay Mann.
(Above) The Hindenburg over LBI, heading to a fateful Lakehurst landing attempt. This is properly facing. I own the only negative of this infamous shot, photographed by bridge tender Burl Adams.

Photo: ? March Storm '62 -- Minor landmark awaits Sandy ...


Photo: I lost my notes on this Terracey Dapper Dan. Anyone help me out with an ID? Circa 1930/40s.

Photo: Jay I took a minute to reverse the image to the correct way ...now looking at it Mom is more convinced it is the Kane's house at the end of the Nor'Easter Shop ...and Bill says it makes much more sense because now the fire Hydrant is in the correct spot

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Comment by Stacy Kline on April 25, 2013 at 12:00pm

Love the old photos! Thanks for sharing :)


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