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Sunday, August 22, 2010: This is a borderline dangerous surf fishing day. Even though the beaches are fairly beachcomber-free, the sky is in a prowl mode. It’s moving all over the place – black and …

Sunday, August 22, 2010:

This is a borderline dangerous surf fishing day. Even though the beaches are fairly beachcomber-free, the sky is in a prowl mode. It’s moving all over the place – black and spritzy one minute then lighter and brighter the next. It doesn’t seem sure of what it wants to do. The scary part is how thick and muggy it is as an easterly flow of air moves across a very warm ocean. The sky could easily issue forth a bolt of lighting – out of the blue. I’ve seen days like this where folks hit the beach despite cloudiness and, despite nary a rumble of warning, a bolt of cloud-to-ground lightening makes an instant potentially deadly showing.

Boat fishing is also suffering from the sky iffyess, though a load of vessels hit the water early on. Fluking was good to very good, per a few radio reports. Also had some cocktail blues making a few passages through inlet areas, though inconsistent. It’s fairly typical that often-despised blues suddenly become a welcome change when fishing gets down to one (fluke) species only.

For those really craving variety, the Little Egg Inlet area over to Great Bay and even off ocean side Holgate is filling in nicely with kingfish (decent sized, but far from the fall jumbos) and what amount to balls of croakers (mainly ocean and inlet area.) One boat out kingfishing had them fully responding to clam and mussel chum. I’m thinking grass shrimp chumming might really get these delectable panfish to the boat – and maybe draw in some triggers, sheepshead, blackfish, small seabass and weakfish just to catch-and-release (minus one). Nest month is the better bet for having a variety blast by chumming up the many species mustering near inlets. Remember (!): No blue claw crabs or baby flounder allowed in among trawled grass shrimp.

I will alert on the Holgate reopening as soon as final word gets to me on when the refuge is going to take down signage.

Pro report: Wow, can you believe the summer season is almost over? As most of you know I am a high school science teacher. I start back on Sept 1. Even with that I am booking weekend dates and will be doing magic hour trips, Give me a call if interested. Striper season is coming up. I am ready and psyched!

Was out most days this week fluking the bay. Fluking seemed to slow down a little to 30 - 50 fish a trip and 1 or 2 making it to the box. That really is some great fishing, but I guess we got spoiled catching 100 fish plus every outing. I am not sure if the fluke have started moving out of the bay or it was the tide I fished all week. My best days had been on incoming to the beginning of outgoing tide. This week I fished all outgoing an once the warm bay water started pushing through the bite was over.

On a side note after a fluke trip one of my clients asked if she could buy some of my fluke teaser rigs which I call "Juicy" teasers. They are named after my son Garrett's nickname who helps me make them. So I sent her out some. Well I got a text from her the other day. She nailed a 7 pound 10 ounce fluke and her nephew banged a 5, 4, and 3 pounder on them. I needed to make more for up coming trips so but was out of teaser tying material. My wife while on LBI yesterday was kind enough to stop at Fisherman's Headquarters to pick me up more of what I needed. Good stuff.

Tight lines and great times.

Capt. Alex F. Majewski

Lighthouse Sportfishing

Barnegat Bay, NJ



Hello All,

No fishing report this week, as the boat was on land getting some necessary engine work done. We should be back in the water by Tuesday or Wednesday and I'm already getting anxious to start fishing again. The word I get is that ocean fluking has finally started to heat up, and with only a week and a half left in the 2010 fluke season this will be the last chance to put some flatties in the box until next year. Still some open mid week dates, but I guess this is "last call".

Until next week.

Capt. Jack Shea


Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters


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