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Sunday, August 08, 2010: The surf has come up quite a bit in response to TS Collin’s nearness. The storm itself isn’t all that organized and the astronomical (moon phase) is not favorable for wave t…

Sunday, August 08, 2010:

The surf has come up quite a bit in response to TS Collin’s nearness. The storm itself isn’t all that organized and the astronomical (moon phase) is not favorable for wave transport. We might see some 6 foot sets on the most exposed shoals (mainly near BH Inlet and Barnegat Inlet’s south shoals) but, overall, it’s mainly folks swimming in the very chilly surf that might find themselves on the nasty side of the swell -- feeling the pull of rips, mainly during rising tides. .

I talked to a fellow who took some visiting friends out fishing for fluke. After hours of hooking – and one keeper – the captain heard those fateful words, “Is there anything else we can fish for?”

That, my fiends, is a very sticky question this summer. Stripers have bolted to wherever. Usually reliable bluefish do not like the warmer water. Weakfish are off the target board. Tog are plentiful but hardly worth rigging for, at one-a-day. The seabass count is way off, except maybe for sharpies who know all their hiding places. Tuna and mahi are looming large – providing you have the time and money. Blowfish and kingfish are all but AWOL. While catching is not the better part of fishing for many folks, it sure doesn’t hurt to also score some filets.

I read a news story in the press of AC that boating is down. Not sure about that but I’ll agree it could be a lot brisker, boat-wise, when factoring in the low-wind, low-storm summer we’re seeing. It’s been very boatable since spring. I have to admit I have heard a slew of anglers suggest it’s hardly worth the trouble to go out for a major session only to release fluke all day. At the same time, I’m getting a load of folks who say they’re actually growing to enjoy the steadiness of the hooking.

Pro report:

Hello All,

It's hard to describe to people what this year's back bay fluke season has been like. If a cooler full of fish is the primary goal, a stop at the local fish market is probably a better bet. The current 18" size limit has us releasing 40-50 fish for every one that ends up in the box. But if the pure enjoyment of catching fish on light tackle is what you're after, it doesn't get any better than this. And we're catching enough fish that everyone still goes home with a few filets.

On Monday, George Selph joined me for a couple of hours in landing 45-50 fluke to 21" from behind the lighthouse. Thursday, Rick and Gavin Fisher were out from Newtown, PA and added another four dozen to the count, including keepers of 19", 21" and 22". Mike Pochettino came up from Laurel, MD on Friday with his dad Lou to get in on the fun, and netted over 100 more fish with a couple fat ones in the box for the dinner table. Then yesterday George Selph and Bob Keller were back to nail an incredible 200+ fluke in four and a half hours before the bite finally died. That's right.... over four hundred fluke in four trips this week. If you enjoy catching fish on ultralight tackle, it doesn't get any better than this.

How long this will go on is anybody's guess right now, but I think we've got at least another week or two left. Hopefully it will last right through Labor Day weekend. I've still got a couple of open dates the weeks of the 16th and 23rd for anyone else that wants in on the fun.

Capt. Jack Shea



LBI Underground:

We had an allegation of a “lewd act” performed in front of juveniles today. The alleged act took place around 1:30 in Ship Bottom, near Ron Jon. A middle-age male inside a grey SUV apparently tried to attract the attention of two young girls walking by. A vehicle description and tag numbers were taken by a witness.

No need to get into specifics of the act except to say the incident was enough to spark a concerted search by Island and mainland police departments.

In nothing flat, a LBT officer stopped the vehicle on Ocean Road near 49th Street, Brant Beach.

When I got to the scene, there were half a dozen cruisers and a couple unmarked vehicles at the stop. The male subject was still seated behind the wheel and was displaying a goodly amount of confusion over what was going on. After about 10 minutes, the subject was asked to leave his vehicle. He was frisked and engaged in a conversation with some officers. He was soon taken into custody. His vehicle was pulled off Ocean and onto 49th for safer parking.

I got a couple photos of the arrest/detention but hesitate to publish facial shots, just in case this wasn’t the perpetrator or the entire incident was blown out of proportions. There’s already some tension on the Island after another more emphatic lewd act was reported last week. That perpetrator was never caught and the LBTPD has enlisted the public’s help with any further information. I’ll await a police report before going SandPaper with the story.

There was a weird incident at 4:45 p.m. when Stafford Township PD was advised of a woman walking in the lanes of traffic atop the big Causeway Bridge. That does not sound good in many ways.

Not to make light of it, but the person who called it in said the woman was wearing blue, when further asked if it was blue shorts or blue shirt, he said, “I just caught sight of blue. You don’t have to worry, you won’t miss her.”

One of the smaller bridges had a problem earlier when a gal ran out of gas right on the Causeway. Sorry, but I relate more than I criticize. I know I’ve unadvisedly made that last drip dash for the cheaper side of the bridges, despite my “Low Fuel” warning light all but screaming out.


Action appeal:



Joint State Senate & Assembly

Environment Committee Hearing

Thursday, August 12

10 AM to Noon

At Toms River Town Hall

33 Washington Street

YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED. Perhaps the most important committee hearing ever on Barnegat Bay will be held in Toms River on Thursday, August 12. Being present at this hearing is a must for everyone who loves Barnegat Bay. Read on for more information...


Senator Bob Smith and Assemblyman John McKeon have introduced a bill with language that will require all fertilizer sold or used in New Jersey to have at least 30% of its Nitrogen in slow release form. This is potentially a major victory for the Bay. But industry is still adamantly opposed to this bill and instead industry favors a mere labeling law.

Scotts Miracle-Gro and the New Jersey Turfgrass Association will be lobbying hard against this bill. It is up to you, your friends, and Save Barnegat Bay to turn out in large numbers to demonstrate to the legislature the profound importance of this issue.

Barnegat Bay's largest environmental problem is that it is loaded with too much nitrogen, thoroughly disrupts its ecosystem. Although nitrogen from lawn fertilizer is by not the largest source of Nitrogen to the bay (rain is) it contributes between 10 and 30 percent. Moreover, the nitrogen in lawn fertilizer is especially harmful because unlike nitrogen that falls in the rain, the nitrogen in lawn fertilizer is specially designed to be taken up by plants, including the algae in Barnegat Bay.

It is up to us to support this legislation by backing up its sponsors at this hearing. They have taken the courageous step of regulating content, not having a labeling law, which will be largely ignored. This is crucial to the health of Barnegat Bay. Mark your calendar.

There was never a hearing of greater importance to Barnegat Bay.

To learn more check in periodically at www.savebarnegatbay.org

Download a flyer to help boost the crowd.

* * * * * * * * * * *

You can also help by writing, phoning, or personally speaking to your state legislators, who can be found here:



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