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Thursday, July 08, 2010: Winnings from the Simply Bassin 2010 are at the respective shops, meaning the ones where the weigh-ins took place. Another very fine event with five 40-plus fish. Impressive.…

Thursday, July 08, 2010: Winnings from the Simply Bassin 2010 are at the respective shops, meaning the ones where the weigh-ins took place. Another very fine event with five 40-plus fish. Impressive.

The Beach Haven Marlin and Tuna Club’s 2010 White Marlin Invitational Tournament (July 28th - 31st) is closing in fast, less than three weeks off. You know you’re gonna be in it so why sit around allegedly waiting for last-minute weather reports? Hell, you’ve seen all the sky can hand out. Just get crackin’ and sign up early.

To get juiced for the tourney, check out the updated and better-than-ever tourney website www.thewmit.com , created and undated by Linda Bonvie. Check out the new photo wall. Go to the top of the opening page and click on “Tournament Photos.”

By the way, if you or your company needs a fully professional website done at a kick-ass price, contact Linda at l_bonvie@yahoo.com. She has developed websites for the likes of Purina. See www.sundewweb.co. /

The surf fluking remains very decent, once you figure that tides work best. Boat fluking same as it ever was.

Night fishing for black seabass – yes, they feed at night – has been decent. Daylight is less active but still offering enough take-home meat to make it part of a day’s scheduled stops.

Bass near the North Jetty.

Kingfishing has fallen off drastically, as the fish have gone bayside for a spawn.

Nettle (stinging jellyfish) showing near Waretown and Forked River. Avoid.

Floating mats of eelgrass are alleged a big problem for bayside boaters. However, the mats are signs of torn-up bottom real estate -- and a loss of grass that is the only serious habitat for virtually all the fish and crustacean species we target. Sorry if it interferes with boating. Maybe we should just wipe out the remaining 20 percent of the eelgrass stocks. Yep, 80 percent of this life-giving grass has been lost in the last 50 years due to algal blooms (reducing sun penetration to the eelgrass) and, more significantly, manmade intrusions. Moronic boating of shallows is currently the Number 1 killer of the remaining eelgrass beds. So, it’s actually other boaters – not the dead floating grass – that’s the problem.

Tuna still close in.

Per report:

The boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association have been catching fish both close to the beach and offshore in the canyons. There have been some nice reports of good offshore fishing at the canyons for both tuna and mahi-mahi.

Captain Lindsay Fuller of the “June Bug” fished the waters of the Lindenkohl Canyon once again and did very well. He had Ralph Hibbs and his nephew Kevin along with NJ artificial reef architect Bill Figley and friend Tom, a retired state police officer. Captain Lindsay decided to fish away from the fleet and first picked up a 160-pound bigeye. Then came small yellowfin followed by larger yellowfin, all on the troll. The party filled the fish box and headed in early. All of the fish were raised and caught in 76.5-degree water in depths between 1,800 and 3,000 feet.

Captain Fran Verdi took the “Cousins” out looking for bluefin tuna. He trolled the waters around the 30 and 40-lines. He picked up several skipjack along with one nice bluefin tuna. He reports that the fluke fishing in the ocean is starting to come alive with several 4-pound fish coming to the dock. He is finding most of the fluke in the inlet but they are slowly starting to show up in the deeper water. He is fishing mostly with long squid strips and a live minnow. He has also fished some inshore wrecks for sea bass and scoring.

Captain George Finck of “Sparetime” Charters had Ed Fitzpatrick and four nephews out for a nice catch of fluke in the inlet recently. Another day he took his son Steve and grandsons out for some reef fishing where they scored well on the sea bass.

Captain John Koegler had the “Starfish” out on Monday and first tried drifting the inlet for fluke. They caught several throwbacks quickly, but due to the fierce greenhead fly bite, decided to head out into the ocean. They fished the Little Egg Reef and boated quite a few sea bass. T he highlight of the trip was a 21.5-inch codfish. Captain John was astounded that they would actually catch a codfish in the middle of the summer in warm water.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be obtained at their website


I got word of a fatal bicyclist vs. car accident on Long Beach Boulevard in Brant Beach. That’s doubly troubling to me since I’ve been among those trying to reduce the insane number of pedestrian/bicyclist accidents in Ocean County, which lead the entire state in that type of traffic deaths.

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