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Monday, April 12, 2010: Beach bassing is all over the board. One day an LBI angler will nail a slew of schoolies to just-keeper stripers on a given beach then, by the very next day, the same site wo…

Monday, April 12, 2010:

Beach bassing is all over the board. One day an LBI angler will nail a slew of schoolies to just-keeper stripers on a given beach then, by the very next day, the same site won’t show a single fish. Obviously, the weather wildness -- more wind than rain of late – adds to the hooking variability of this or that street end. I have to think we’re into a very fishable stretch, before the real heat moves in. Hell, we only got into the low 90s – for the first week in April.

Simply Bassin’ 2010 is movin’ in fast. This year it begins May 1 and goes to June 27. Registration remains a mere $20 for 8 weeks of action. This year Oceanside Bait and Tackle has come onboard as a co-sponsor – and weigh-in locale.

A super striper can often qualify for not only “Simply Bassin’” but any in-store contests as well (store regulations applying). That makes spring striper-seeking that much more interesting, made more so by the presence of the largest bass of the year.

Black drum are near the inlet and also in the South End surf. While the fish are gernally in the 125-pound range I have a very reliable report of one pushing 70, caught and released. Please, if you nab one of those cow black drum, take a digital photo I can use in this column and on my websites, primarily https://jaymanntoday.ning.com/. It really helps to have a smiling face nearby for size – and looks – comparison. I don’t even have to know where it was taken – so make sure no landmarks are in-frame if you have a honey hole.

Winter floundering is decent to damn decent. I get heat for steering folks to hot spots so I’ll only say is most tackle shops – where you get your chum and worms – will often give exact locales. Per usual, the old standby blackback holes are producing best. Chum remains absolutely mandatory. If you have no chum, make sure to plunge up the bottom. A bulb type toilet plunge on a long pole works. You might even try commercial clamming tongs. I’m more sold than ever on bottom stirring, after seeing the way flounder swooped right below my boots while I was treasure hunting in the water last week.

Weakfish are showing, slowly. This should be a strict catch-and-release fishery this time of year. I realize you’re already royally pissed over the new fish-a-day regulation but please don’t take it out on a female sparkler with thousand of eggs in its ovaries.

White perch fishing has been hot. It’s so good this year that these kissin cousins of stripers are showing near (and in) some Stafford Township freshwater impounds where they had been AWOL for over decade. This is primarily a late-day bite.

Graveling Point has offered its usual fun-ness factor. Fish are being caught, including invite-home bass. I noticed on Scott’s website – the first local angling website on the WWW – the usual spring scraps are rearing up, mainly caused by infidels cutting across private property and also folks trashing the place.

As for that trash angle, I’m actually going to defend the huge majority of anglers who are meticulous about cleaning up after themselves. The problem is the scat from one single numbnut litterer stands out so predominately.

One of the largest arguments I’ve ever seen in the cul-de-sac at the end of Radio Road was between a couple guys in waders taking on a couple (man and woman) litter-leavers. I was blessed that day, being the peacemaker -- but only going as far as seeing it didn’t come to blows. I also politely suggested the trashers go back and pick up their droppings. They balked and I still-coolly suggested that maybe the cops could figure things out. I then began to go through a dialing action on my cell. Hell, I didn’t even have the LEHT PD’s number but the move worked and the couple in question went back to, let’s say, tidy up. So, for the huge majority of you, keep up the good work. For trespassers and litterbugs, we’ll be watching.

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