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Opinions needed on historic photos ... August 20, 2017: It was dang close to a 10 weekend – 10 as in Bo Derek 10

I need some second opinions on this amazing 1920 look of LBI’s far south end. I’m convinced this shows Beach Haven Inlet when it was fully a-flow.

I seek further input because I’ve heard an opinion that this might show the Holgate Rip and the remnants of Tucker’s Island. That makes total sense. 

I sense it might show Beach Haven Inlet when it was at the end of the Boulevard – just past where the current parking lot is located. Supporting that theory is the shape of the separated portion in the photo. It actually matches up very closely with the modern shape of Holgate. In fact, the washover areas in the historic shot are fascinatingly similar to today’s washover zones. 

If I'm correct, in 1920 one would drive the Boulevard are far south as it goes -- driving on dirt for the final stretch. At road's end was Beach Haven Inlet, when it truly was Beach Haven Inlet. I've heard it was a somewhat navigable channel, though already showing signs of shoaling, not to mention offering some formidable surf once a mariner reached the frothy Atlantic side.  

In only a few shorts years, the inlet would moves southward, slowly progressing down the entire length of then-Holgate -- now the "Refuge" or far south end of modern Holgate, formerly the Long Beach Township community of Beach Haven Inlet. That name was semi-officially retired in pretty much the past decade. 


Sunday, August 20, 2017: It was dang close to a 10 weekend – 10 as in Do Derek 10, back in the day. Days like this is what summer was made for. LBI beaches, though not nearly as crowded as in weeks past, were soaked in sun – and fun. The water was a people-filled as it gets, helped along by low 70s water, 1-2 foot waves and those massive sandbars, as replenished sand sucked out to sea in the winter returns, as expected by hydrologists and such.

Based on the buildup of beach in Harvey Cedars, I estimate 75 yards of beach naturally replenished. Just last spring, there were HC beaches hurting for acreage. Now, it’s back to grips about how long the walk to the water’s edge has become. Hey, whiners gonna whine. This does not mean more sand isn’t one the way. That is already being arranged, per plans dating back to 2016.

High tides have offered some surfcasting, with a plethora of species, most of them small. The best beachline finds are small bluefish and just-undersized fluke. Less appreciated are dogfish, rays, skates and stargazers. I bring up stargazers because I saw one caught by a newbie surfcaster who wasn’t sure what to make of it. I helped him with slimy, soft-skinned bugger, avoiding its spines and its decent voltage electrical shock, should one press down on the back of its head while pinning it on the sand for unhooking. That’s when I got my first jolt, when the stargazer convulsed one good, a bit like a sneezing action. I’m still not sure if it was the shock or, uh, the shock that knocked me backwards. 


Today, 1:34 PM
Capt. Alex (lhsportfishing@comcast.net)

Did a combo trip (off the beach sharking – bay/inlet) Thursday with long time client Bill Hirschberg, his 15 year old son James and his friend Matt. It was a little bumpy going to where I want to start chumming, but being only a few miles from the inlet and off the beach we made it there in no time. With chum bucket over I stared baiting the rods and setting them out.  Before I got the third rod out we had a 3’ brown shark swim up the slick right the chum.  Pitching a bait it was swing and a miss but that was fine since a few minutes later there was another shark swimming up to the plate. Pitching the bait, it was swing and a hit!  The first of 6 sharks was hooked up.  It was a cute little guy. Yes I know it was a male shark based on the presences of claspers. Most of the sharks were sand bar sharks (aka brown) with the biggest an estimated 40 pounds, but at least one was a Dusky shark (picture below). A Dusky on a Dusky. Brown and Dusky sharks look very similar. If the first dorsal fin originates over or slightly before free tips of pectoral fins free edge, as seen in the picture, it is a Dusky.  If the first dorsal fin originates over or slightly before the pectoral fin insertion it is a Brown. Friday afternoon Larry Hrebiniak and his son Justin were out for a bay fluke trip.  With the south wind honking conditions were tough, even in the wind breaks.  Fluking was slow with only a few shorts and a fat blue of 10 pounds or more.  

Anyone that has seen me present / teach either at a seminar or during my Fishing Barnegat Bay classes have heard me talk about the 3 Ts to successful saltwater fishing. The 3 Ts are temperature; tide; and technique. Although you only truly have control of the last T it is with knowledge and experience that you work the other two to your advantage. After a truly epic July bluefish fishery around Barnegat Inlet seemed to come to an end it took a major rebound Saturday morning.  The last two weeks my client or I have had to work hard to land a few blues. Even while seeing them surfing waves, swimming around or following lures they just were not in the mood to feed. Some thought it might be due to them spawning, however, any of the fish kept did not the signs of a fish ready to spawn.  I thought it was the water was too warm as some studies show adult bluefish do not feed as actively when the temperature approaches 74.  Well, Friday’s strong southerlies were the spark to start the flame.  It caused an upwelling dropping the inshore water temperature by 6-7 deg F to around 69. Around sun up Saturday morning the bluefish bite returned with a vengeance. Baits spraying, birds diving and some swirls and breaks made it obvious the feed bags were on.  My first cast of a Savage Gear Panic Popper was rewarded with a tail slap and an explosion of a 6-pound blue.  I landed around 10 before calling it a session.  I do not think I have ever seen so many blues jump as frequently as of late. My suspension is they are well fed and the temperature is in their preferred range. 

After hopping off the Debbie M I hoped on board a 33’ Stamas with twin 250’s to guide the owner and some kids to the waters of Barnegat Bay and Inlet and do a little fishing.  Although we did not have the best tide we had some good action with short fluke.  Switching gears we searched for some weakies and found some spikes to keep the kids smiling.  Zack managed a Barnegat Bay slam of fluke, weakfish, and bluefish.  This is about the 10th Slam I have put a client on this year.  Still have a few slots open for this week whether it is fluke, blues, weaks, sharks and maybe a bass give me a call. 

Screaming drags, 

Capt. Alex


Barnegat Bay, NJ


You Tube Channel: Fishing Barnegat Bay


When someone makes a hoax call to the Coast Guard. 
Coast Guard units are pulled away from cases where actual lives are at risk. A Coast Guard HC-130 Plain coasts approx. $15,000 per hour to fly. A MH-60 Helicopter coasts $10,000. per hour. And a 45ft. Medium boat coasts about $5,000. per hour.That's Taxpayer money wasted! It's Illegal! A Federal felony conviction for communicating a false distress signal could result in up too 10 years in prison and a $10,00 fine. If you hear or know of a Hoax Call activity, call your Coast Guard Command Center 757-398-6390.


James Allen

Pete from Pelham. Caught this 4 ft brown in the surf off of north beach haven with squid on a fluke rig at high tide ...


HOOKED ON FISHING, NOT ON DRUGS (H.O.F.N.O.D) – Doug Brown (bdbrown57@yahoo.com)

Sunset Beach, Harvey Cedars, Long Beach Island

Thank you for making our 17th Annual A.S.A.C. Youth Tournament such a great success! Everything aligned for a great event! The morning began with a heavy rain shower before registration but turned to overcast skies and comfortable temperature. The incoming tide, mild winds and calm surf were ideal conditions for catching fish. The 135 participants did their part by catching 105 measurable fish with scores that would rival many ASAC tournaments.


This year’s winners were:

8 & Under Age Group                        9-11 Age Group                                  12-17 Age Group                       

1st – Andrew Rocci (51 Pts) 1st – Christian Pudlo (23.25 Pts) 1st – Colin Holloway (100.25 Pts)

2nd – Lachlan Pirrello (15.5 Pts) 2nd – Rylee Guerriero (23 Pts) 2nd – Matt Cummings (98.75 Pts)

3rd – Grady Keller (13.5 Pts) 3rd – Ella Friedlane (17.5 Pts) 3rd – Kevin Cummings (63 Pts)


American Angler presented a rod and reel to Colin Holloway for the largest fish (21.25” Fluke).


Photographs from the event can be viewed on line: http://milesanp.com/main/hofnod-2017/


Joy Boyer with her personal best this morning on the Otter.


‎Gwenivere Tansey‎ to Holgate Update
1 hr · Beach Haven, NJ ·
My family has owned a home here in Holgate since the early 40s and I never dreamed I would have to worry about break ins, vandalism, and theft in this quiet neighborhood. Someone took my vintage oars off my back porch within the past week. They belonged to Dave Bergen, my beloved grandfather and longtime Holgate resident. Sitting here waiting for the police to come to view the video footage on my trail cam. Based on my reading of the Holgate Update there seems to be more and more thefts happening in town. I am utterly speechless and disgusted.



Thousands of Sharks Found on Boat in Huge Illegal Haul

The confiscation of the Chinese ship and arrest of its 20 crew in the Galápagos show just how hard it is to protect marine sanctuaries.


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Comment by Dave Nederostek on August 20, 2017 at 3:38pm

A 10 ?  My son told me the flies are so bad folks have either left or camped in the wet low tide sand. West winds are a curse.

Comment by Zippy on August 21, 2017 at 9:23am

Ms. Tansey:

In response to your post, my wife while walking our dog one morning saw a boat in a driveway that was vandalized the night before....she stopped and informed the home owner. Vacationing in Holgate now for over 30 yrs. I've seen the island change....some for the good and some not. Unfortunately there is a feeling of insecurity now a days ....I don't leave my fishing tackle on the front deck any longer as I used to all these past years...lock all the doors and windows when we leave.....seems the change came along with NY license plates.....sorry, OMO.


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